Today went SG WANG again with Blue and Green Snow~
With their family also
They are late again!!
They are always late lar T^T
Last time say 12pm
Green snow say they are still eating~==LOL
So this time when I say 1pm
They reach by 2pm PULAK!!!==

They are having lunch at DAI YAN CAN TENG!!
Quite nice and delicious food!!LOVE it!!
After lunch we went to shop d!!
Looking for a nice gown to attend fwen weddinG~
They bought 2 dress in the FIRST SHOP
Another 2 dress,4 tube, 2 leggings in the SECOND shop~~

This are the dress they buy~
They bought the 2 black same dresses~

Later we saw there are Korean food fair at the LG

We buy ice-cream!!
Korean ice-cream
Blue snow ice-cream

My ice-cream xD

Later we walk around Sg wang~
Nothing to buy d~
We just went home d^^

On the bus
being chat with an auntie
She ask a lot of weird question
She told me that she got sickness as well
Do not like to go out
Do not dare to go out
Always worry about this and that
She say that I am a BRAVE girl d~==+

Quite jealous Blue and Green snow parents
They can shop using their money~
Now seriously no $$!!
Cannot buy things i wan~
Although it seem like that
I still got many cloth than them!!xD

I saw them change
They become more fashionable already!!
They become to aware that they should change their appearance
Their look is different already ^^
I feel happy and proud of them^6^

**ps:sorry to say
Red snow you really should learn from them!! LOL

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