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Tuesday, March 08, 2011 in

Today i went to shop again!!LOL!!
haha..but today I didn't buy anything as well~
Because today I was shopping with My 2 Bestie~
They had been stay home for long~
And got long time didn't went shopping as well~
So I decide to go Gai Gai with them~
This is the first I actually get shopping and go out with just 2 of them..
Haha..kinda excited~
I just accompany them buy the shoe that they want..
Both of them actually brought 5 pairs of shoe~
Haha..walk until tired d la also..
We take a rest at Sg wang then we continue our shopping~
Lorra saw one black shoe in a shop~
But the black shoe don't have her size~
So she buy a white shoe instead~hmm..
But Lissa got a boots in that shoe as well~
I saw boots that got 50% discount!!
LOL~~cheap lo~~~
just rm45 onli!!T^T
But I got no $~
Later Lorra got a pair of boots as well~
Later finally they got a black shoe at Sg Wang d~
Later I bring them to
pavi and Farenheit as well~
Because they didn't went there before==~
But we got not many time to go shop there d~
Later we walk from Pavilion to KLCC to take LRT back~
I really got a lot of fun shopping with them..
Haha..and we do really chat a lot~
i felt quite lot closer to them as well~
Haha..I never think of them will got such same feeling as i Got~
HEE!! I really happy finally I can bring them shopping~
Although I didn't do much~
But just accompany them it made me happy^6^
they say they still got a lot cloth to buy~
So..Next time let's SHOPPING again ya!!^6^

**meeting them on friday again~^^

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