Lunch and JAPAN!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011 in

Today i went lunch with 4 snow~
Missing yellow snow d ler~
Later I need to went to blue and green snow house^^
Help them to work out their closet~haha
Red snow bring her bf along as well~
We having lunch and chit chating~

Really didn't feel anything weird~
I can't deny that i didn't talk much with red snow that day also~

SOrry YA~ T.T
because thought that she want to accompany her bf ma~
She can just talk with us d ah~ haha
When i see she lean over his shoulder
I quite embarrassed d==~

Her bf look quiet d ler~haha
we left by 2pm after they left~

I went to Blue and Green snow house~

I hate the procedure of giving license all before went in to a apartment
I start on Green snow room first later to Blue snow room

Later that I just online at their~
quite a boring day~

And then i notice that there have been earthquake happen in Japan!!!
Internet also went slow d

I dunno am i suppose to be grateful or sad

All this time many disaster happened at the other side of the earth

Yet we didn't notice

An 8.9 grade earthquake happening and we cannot felt it

The Nuclear Factory some more explode~
When I saw the news how the Tsunami has cost the damage to Japan~

I was very very SAD~
We can't blame God because of all this had happen
Look arond your surrounding Earth
Has been seriously POLLUTED!!!

I bet deeply in everyone heart that all disaster can be removed and deleted
Yet what has happen cannot be that easy to forget

But we didn't take action and responsible what has happened
If really the end of the day has reached
I hope that we need to think what have we done in these few years
What have we done that are meaningful to life
What have we done to the people we LOVE
We must care the person that we love and care the MOST!!

Please hear our prayer
Prayer of the victim of Tsunami
Prayer of the victim Family
Prayer of everyone in those world

Prayer of every blessing and donation
Help and guide us to live in a BETTER life
Removed all the pain and lost the victim suffer
Let them not to forget the sweetness of the world And the importance of life Everything that we PRAY
Let it be answer

In Jesus Name

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