Internet relationship//

I got back my handphone o the next morning when I lost
my mum help me took back before we went to TANGKAK
i also can guess dou He sms my BABY and get my house phone~
he also make friends with both of us I guess~
Weird har

I actually hate to know guys from Facebook of ONLINE
because when they approach me
They will only have one purpose
That is to KAO me or wad ever==!!
And i hate that very very much~
PLEASE if they really want to make friend
Then They should be more POLITE and SINCERE LOL
I prefer make friends FACE TO FACE
Where we can see and feel what kind of FRIEND we are going to know~
I don't know why
I think I'm a person who make friend with their APPEARANCE
Especially GUYS!!
ugly wan___LOL
Pls stay far from me( sorry if I hurt YOU)

an ugly guys usually irritates me T^T
the bus guy who returns phone to me~
I quite SCARED to meet him again~LOL
he is that of the CATEGORY~~
And plus I always sit bus~@@
But i try to stay calm myself
try not to think to much about it==

INTERNET guy makes me feel not safe
INTERNET guy makes me feel not confident
INTERNET guy makes me feel annoying
INTERNET guy makes me feel scared
When they wanted to meet me
I scare about I would not be able to be their girl they SAW LOL

I still preferred make friends FACE TO FACE
because we can feel what are the friend we want
What kind of person they are

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