Yellow Snow birthday celebration

Today we 5 snow celebrate Yellow snow birthday ^^
I quite hard only can contact and meet her out
Because when I alwaz sms her for go out
She will sms say May only free
So that time I quite scared she say she not free oso
Luckily she feel the same also
Missing 5 snow~haha

I know many thing happen before her birthday==
I buy Jia Ern present and Birthday cake also
Red snow bring her bf along
And fetch me also
Luckily we are still early
But Feeling Station is pack with many people
They have already book the place==
we got no choice but have to change place
CHange to a place beside feeling
At first we see inside no people inside
We think that the food there not nice is it
But we got no choice just went inside
The photo I wash out they havent signature
Quickly after the twins was here then I ask them faster sign or wat
Then we saw Yellow Snow is here already
But we still havent ready xDD
Still after she arrived
She was very happy as well
The food there actually is NICE~!!
We eat and chit chat quite alot
Photo not many ~haha
Because is seem like we got many things to chat
Until Don't want to back home
I feel quite nice and happy having this bunch of friends

Yellow SNow
Happy 20th Birthday to you ya~!!^^

Her present and cake ^6^


The twins and birthday girl~haha


Birthday girl and cake~ =)

2 people need for cutting a cake~!hee

5 SNOW again!!! xD

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