Snowman wish list

Still having a busy life as usual
Morning rushing my assignment and final year project
Working in the evening
The bos cut my working time
I still work rm8 per hour lol
I need more money!!!!!!!!
Recently Trista babe ask me join her in a company under Heong Leong bank
I find this job interesting
And it give me the thing that I wanted for my life!!!!!!?
Although i know in times money doesn't work
I just want to live a better life
And able to give a better to my mum and my brother
My mum actually not support me in this work
But I didn't give up
I need to prove to her that I can be able to make more money and support this home
I know job are not easy to do
But to survive and live better
We just have to give our best and do the best we could
I do really wish with this new job
It will make my life change!!!!
Hope for the best for me..
I really pray hard for this job to went well =)
I will GIVE MY BEST~!!!

My Wish List for the YEAR 2011 or maybe the FUTURE

One pair of NIKE HIGH DUNK~!!!!
for my dance~
I look for many kinds of dance shoe~
I still prefer this NIKE~!!!
REally fall in love with this shoe when I first saw it~!!

A CARLO RINO bag I guess~
I think is the cheapest brand among LV and gucci,prada and all lol~
Still I can afford==
i think so....the price is my limit T_________T

Canon 60D~
I got my Canon 1000D almost for 2 years~~
Is time to change~
I hope to get a new DSLR tat can record video for me!!!!
Take photo only still cannot satisfied xDD hahahaha

Iphone 4g~~
It is come with WHITE~!!!
I love this colorr sooooooooooo much~
hope to get one soon T....T

One of my wishlist is having a NEW CAR~~
For not being to drive my mummy manual car more than a year~
I alwaz pray for a car~~
I saw this Myvi Purple~~
Lam sei me~
Love the color and the style and the design of this new LE Myvi~
But is Limited edition~
==I do hope for the best to get it T___________T

for more click here

One of my biggest dream car~~~!!!
Cute sei me~
Love the design~
I saw the new beetle car from 怒火街头~
Can be open wan~!!
More Love for this car~~~haiiizz!!!
Its expensiveee~!!
New beetle for 2012~~
still loook cute and elegant as usual~~
But longer and shorter compare to the previous wan ohh~!!

I wanted to post this wishlist post for a long time~!!
Not that I greedy~
Just want to have a better life for myself~
With my own hand as well~=))
gayaoo for the 1 whole year from the AUGUST~!!!

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