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Ya..not really into politics style of writing this Topic
Because each time I got into KTM or LRT
You could see that they are many Malays
And Chinese will be a bit lesser compare than Malays
When I noticed the Malay's tudung
I can really see that the fashion of tudung is changing
There will be more styles and colors of wearing it
Not like the traditional kinds of wearing
As the picture below
The fashion kind of wearing usually is with a scarf and silk
The tudung will be replace by a scarf and silk cloth
Mostly they will be pin a pretty brooch by the side of tudung
Instead of the traditional putting in the middle
This style will be more casual and stylish
The traditional style will be formal and required wear on special occasion
Such as: work and prayer.
I also saw one of that they add some ruffle to the tudung~
It was cute!! hahaha

So what I think as the time go by
The Malay's have modified the wearing of tudung to a more fashionable way
But mostly the purpose of wearing tudung is to cover their hair as respect to their God

Ps: what I write I did a small research on the name of tudung but
mostly explain in my opinion. NO defense!!

Oh my~ love the ribbon~

A small flower pin~


Tudung Labuh long and cover until body d~

Wedding tudung ^^


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