Young Hearts

Monday, May 27, 2013 in
Young hearts
Have you guys heard of this Lingerie brand before?
Actually I do not
But started to know it since last year I guess
This lingerie brand sells lingerie and casual wear at night
I love their brand most because

Of their cute design and soft color
That I super LOVE~!!
Their super soft material 
When you wear it you feel comfortable as well
Their Brand Philosophy

copy from their websites xD
Why suddenly do I blog about this Lingerie brand ne?
It is because Me and my darling boy went Kluang Mall
He told me the day before he saw one of the Young Hearts shop is at there
So When I went to Kluang few days ago
I went to This shop
This little cute shop actually melted my heart
Once I step inside
It was SUPER duper cute soft color SHOP~!!!
I can't stop my eye looking at every lingerie they sell ~~

I first show their fitting room first
because I was trying the bra I choose from there xD

They got this small frame~
Teach us how to wear bra nicely and the size of our bra
Super sweet and so considerate of them~!! hehe

My #ootd 
Love the checkers short pants~
And the crop top as well ^6^
Hard Rock cafe Rock MAN~!! hahaha

Love this Quote they stick on the walls~

Beside selling the lingerie

They have this section selling casual wear for night time
of cause with superb material and comfy to wear

This antique and cute feel of the frame on the wall~
The round frame was so antique
And most of them come with white super soft color feel with wall ^6^

This is the story collection
I guess this collection always change with new design to match the story
This time the story is about a sheep
And guess what
When I see this collection
I was super crazy
Because it was way too cute~!!!

I bought one of their cute collection xD
Super Likey de ~

Their casual wear design ^6^

More of the interior ~
Sorry for the mosaic I made
biii say why do until so ugly~
He is paying for my new bra xD

Cute purple pantiess~
I was like
SUper cute
my love~
But come to think
I got a lot of that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Didn't buy this whole set

Cutie and comfy casual wear for night time ~

Super cute bag right~~ 

The cashier Design board ^0^

Oh ya
Just when I left the shop
I saw this Panda SEries
Suite for someone who Love Panda~
Cute cute

Come to the part design i love the most
This Balerina design
Maybe I learn Ballet before
And really felt for ballet before
I kind of keen to ballerina design on cloths
and Its remind me the days I dance and learn Ballet ^_^

Photos from the websites~

Any way feel free to drop by any outlets of Young Hearts
If you love their design too
Or if you are pink or cute lover 
You can find their outlets at here
oh ya
The price is very reasonable as well
One Set is just RM59.90
WIth bra and panty oh ^6^
So I just bought 2 set~


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