Here a special blog about my shooting with friends =)

Venue : KLCC Park
Time : 2:30pm
Theme : Colorful + Headphones
Model : Me, Michelle Wong and Ayaka Wong

Anyway I know Hebe will went off to UK this Saturday
Sure will super miss her de lol!!
So this is our first time shooting together~
Hope is not our last time =)
Michelle Wong is second time shooting together liao xD
Have fun and crazy out together~
All is my important friends in Life~
Hope friendship last forever~ xD

Our portrait shoot together ^6^

The three of us~
Super love it ~
Thx to my biii ~

My Portrait shoot first~

Although look funny~
But somehow the feel i simply just love it

My fat belly~~
Kinda relax and FUN 

DJ look!?
The side I that not really like
But bii just shoot and looks cool

Another pose for the headphone xD

Black and white or Colorful!?

Thx to Kendrick for this lovely photo~

My Act cute look
with Headphones and spectacles lo~

Like watch de commercial xD

what? why? when? how?
Act Innocence

Pose #1

Pose #2
With dark Spec ^6^

Trying to 培养feel with the Palm tree xD LOL
Sorry bout the slipper 

Gyiyomi shot before went off from the park xD

Simply love these set of shoot xD
Super warm feel and relaxing ler~~

Love the 逆光 ^~^

Photo took from the wall beside convention center de xD
Love this shoot a LOT
The shadow also very nice shown lo~

Last shot Of the Day~
Weather is hot
I tie up a bit and my darling just can't stop shooting xD

Some of my friend shoot ^6^

The Co-photographer and event Organiser ~hehe

And the couple shot xD
Thx Kendrick Gor ~

Love this sweet photo larr~~ ^6^

The last 
The gyiyomi Pose~
Hope you guys love it xD

The exclusive xD
Most love of all~ =D

My darling boy took 300+ photo of me lol
I really feel so happy sweet with having him as my Super Boyfriend =DD hehehe
Without him I wont be able have these all fun shooting
And can't be more Pretty ^ - ^
Super love him and always happy to be with him ohh~

Oh ya~
The group photo xD
So funny ler all~
Kendrick : gay look
Ayaka : Sweet girl
Michelle: Act Cute
Me : Act Model ==
Darling : The photographer


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