A Lil White

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 in ,
Having a photo session after back from Sunday Meeting =D
Biii super love I wear white dress so we decided have a small "studio" session =D

The First shot =P Not very nice but I still like the feel of this photo =D Bii is testing light that look super pretty on me =D

Flower Wreath from Just One & Only

Love this sweet pose =D
and become my blogger banner

Ta-dang, Purple is my all time favorite that I super LOVED~ Edit it with Meitu Xiuxiu =D Bii say got the angel feel~ Because I actually want change my banner to a photo of me only, then I told my darling too he say is okay de. I got say that the below photo I will put our couple shoot =D

A side look of me =)

Have this act Innocent look by me~ Although I feel my expression kinda awkward but The feel is nice and feel like it's not the real me =P

Smile =D

Super loved how I edit my hair color xD Feel so sweet and cute look ~

This shot we actually took quite few shots because angle is hard to get xD But eventually get this cute and making wish pose too~

Act cute with my 嘟嘴 pose xD

Some of the close shot that my bii love, #1 My 歪嘴 pose xD

Double peace xD

Hiii guyss =D

Although is just a short session, but I feel happy and fun. Although bii say the flower and dress will need to wear it again =D We gonna shoot outdoor again ~ But I think the feel is different, so This theme is superb nice with white. Eventually I think white is such a pure and sweet color that I will fall in love with WHITE =)

Miss you ya baby,



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