Angel in the Forest

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ello peeps, back to shooting theme today. As we had already plan from last week, but it did not went well due to bad weather. So we postpone to 24th August, since is a no work day for me =D YEAH~ We didn't set the time to wake, but for me as usual when I knew the next day is SHOOTING, I will having insomnia or wake early AUTOMATIC. Ah~ have no control over it = = I some more go online and check on the weather for today LOL Super STRESS like that!!

I wake around 7:30am, mum have to work~~ I didn't prepare straight instead of  lacking around @.@ My bii wake up around 8+am and called me. I told him I will be okay whenever you are ready =D So I start make up and wear contact lenses for the first time for shooting LOL. I spend 1 hour to gao dim all this~

About the weather,is actually looks NAY, but I STILL BELIEVE it will be okay soon.>0<  This angle theme my bii has plan quite sometime and hope that can shoot me as his angel xD We decided to shoot at Bukit Nanas Forest but we have no luck the forest is CLOSED for reno!! Oh no~ I was a bit dissapointed then but we managed to look for other places and I decided to go for The Lake Garden since is near to us.

Like I already said, The weather really turn YEAH when we reach there. The sun is coming out, SUNSHINE~


Because want to have the angel feel shoot, bii keep shot from low angle with the reflected light behind. =D

Have a top angle shot =D

White Dress from Supermodel Wardrobe
Flower Wreath from Just One & Only
Mint Heels from Forever 21
The wings actually from My darling he bought it quite some time.



Although I'm not a pretty girl, and I'm not fascinated to have a very PRETTY photo of me. This photo background looks abit forest feel just like a picture. xD

Angle in a Forest #4


We actually didn't move a lot of place. Super love this bridge a lot, haha

Angle can be broken and restless too~!!





Although I got the weird pose!? What's with my hand LOL haha But I still super Love this photo and thanks for da like on facebook =D

Another shot from front =D




Angle feel is just to catch the dim light between the trees =D


Close shot that my babe super like to took ~

Ta dang, have my super most like photo of the day =D I think bii just take naturally lol~ hahaha So is the cover photo for my facebook and BLOG!!! (am sorry for keep change my photo @@)



Bii always say don't look on the camera also can be a GOOD photo though =D


After a normal shooting, bii is trying with his flash =D But is not direct from DSLR la~ is Off Flash Technique =D


Some how the feel will be super different de =D


My stun look~


Resting on the stone =D


Love my white dress =D


Love this too!!


Sweet feel~


Sexy pose =D


Holding my wings and fly~~



Last shot before we went off =D
Actually edited 34 photo but don't want show it all xD

A selca in bii car xD
My first time shooting with contact lens and make up =D

Having fun together although feel tired @.@ Maybe because wake up early~ haha I super love all this set of outfit because bii always love WHITE on me =D I still feel very lucky to meet a such SUPERB boyfriend. I just feel beautiful when I start to meet and know him =D

OMG Angle and ANGEL super DA KEK lol!!



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