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Hi guysss, here blog about food again, hehe. Beside Japan food , Korean is my another best choice of all  
>-< Am a korean Fan =D Although the title is 大长今,don't know you guys got watch that drama before, BTW I'm not talking about that, But that korean drama is my first KOREAN DRAMA that I watch =D

Here I am at Retaurant Korea 大长今,

It's on the second floor =]

When we step in there will have this korea doll welcome us and they will bow automatically too~

Inner design =D

We choose a place near to the window view =D

Table design ~

There will have this paper for hygiene purpose~ without dirty up the table =D

They always put the menu nicely =D

Selca withOUT fringes =D

With my cute fringes~

We decided to have BBQ too~ This dish look nice =D

We start to take photo like nobody see =D

cute kiss by my darling boyy~

The HANG FOK look ~

smileeee =D

This special sauce for the BBQ~

Love this the pipe will suck all the oxygen and burn the charcoal with a 火种 xD

Saw that we took a lot of photo, so got Our #GOTD GIF

Our beef~

Chicken meat~

Is serve by the waitress to help us with our BBQ~

And one thing i mostly love about is their side dish that are super a lot~~ Whole table also =D

My top favourite~ IKAN BILIS~ =D

Second is mushroom~

This is their steam egg that are super nice =D Me and my darling boy super loveee it~

Looks attractive HOR!!!

Our Beef BBQ done~ Looks yummy, I love eat it with vege =D

Our Chicken marinated =D

We didn't order this but darling saw each table also got, their new dish of the day xD The sauce is a perfect combination with the VEGE, sour and spicy =D

Our ready chicken~

This is their after dinner drink, at first when you drink, you will not like the taste LOL But the more you drink, its actually taste good. A bit Ginger and sweet taste =D

For more about the restaurant:
No 20B-2 & 20b-3,
Jalan 14/20
46100 PJ

03-7957 2613

This two days are busy with LMS Night. Friday rehearsal, Saturday is the event day. My darling keep fetching me here and there and here what I so in love with him. He just accompany me and always be with me no matter how tired he is. I feel so grateful and happy to have him as part of my life. Love you always.



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