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Bello guys, its just a random post from me because I'm at Tangkak for Raya holiday that just my laptop and handphone accompany me xD Of cause with my family and relatives too, but somehow all my cousins prefer sit in front of square THING and have their own friend. So I prefer to be alone as well =D Not that I'm not joining them, just holiday maaaa, wanted to be relax more =D Darling also back to his hometown too since yesterday he already accompany whole day until night he back to his Hometown.

I found minions GIF at thumblr and I download it just want to share with guys!! Because it was freaking cute!!

This bee doo bee doo scene is super cute and funny~

The real name is of the bee doo minions is CARL~ I wonder the red light can it be take out? haha

Tim har, uncle look xD

Kevin who loves to play golf~

Stuart~ with the super silly girl look xD

Phil, now I stop and think did minions have boys and girls too? Or just their outfit only~ hahaha
But their name are for boys right ha?! heee

Phil cleaning GIF xD I guess he just love cleaning that why he is wearing that maid outfit, haha, love how he shake his butt =D

The main character besides the minions =) Cute Agnes that she super love Unicorn a LOT~~

On the first episode hor, when she gt her new unicorn she will go CRAZY~ ITS SO FLUFFY~~

This was so cute too, her famous pose xD I don't really know how she do it, but it is so cute~

The another character , she is a super cool girl who didn't give much expression. haha, she loves ninjas.

The Dai GA JIE~ She is always cool and calm in thinking. Which makes her a BIG sister among them =D

Lucy and Gru =D Cute and sweet couple of all~

Cute dance from Despicable me =D

Another minions, Dave imagination when he first saw Lucy xD

Super stupid poseee =D

Minions bullet ^6^

Umbrella for both, super sweet of him =D

I super love how minions laugh with those stupid and funny emotions xD It makes my day =D hahahaha

Hope you guys enjoy it =D
I surely will think if got sound this GIF will be perfect ~ xD



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