Chicken Hot Pot 重庆鸡公煲

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ello peeps, no post about weekend because due to work!! Hate working on weekends, but no choice since its work! But I'm gonna post about what am I working on the last weekend, hmmm. Okay, back to topic, having a food post too!! I think since this week I finish work at 4pm, I can back home early and have some nap. Dinner can be more pleasant as well =D Today back home nap and went out for dinner at a new restaurant that biii say we never try before.

I was okay lar, let's go~ I couldn't recall which restaurant my bii mention also lor = = haha. But this restaurant is located just at the shoplot at Wangsa Maju LRT. Since is still new, I can't find the real address and phone number of this restaurant. But you can always go to their websites for more info =D

Chicken Hot Pot 重庆鸡公煲

Found this picture logo when I search this restaurant and bumped into a blog =D I didn't take the photo of the shop LOL, self slap* So decided to look the logo online =D

When we went in, we are the only guest. Guess what when I saw the menu, there are these 4 main and famous dish to choose~ The first is their name of this restaurant, 重庆鸡公煲, 恐龙骨,牛魔王,爆锅鱼头。If you really know chinese, all these food name all so super JENG right~ haha 

Wall of their history, didn't actually go and read it =P

I saw the 香辣虾, looks attracting me too! But I just lazy to eat it, have to peel their shell, and what so ever, even dirty your hand, LOL. But now mostly my darling will help me with the shrimp shell~~ xD

How about fish head? hmmm, As I just mention~~ I am such a lazy girl, and I'm not good in eating food with many bones, especially Fish head, urgh!! Not a fish head lover though =P


haha, lols, guess I am so bored right = = Its actually is Pork Ribs wtf* So much big different right~~ But the english with Dinosaur ribs, maybe its more on the size I guess, big ribs DINOSAUR RIBS~ Okay, this is a bone dish too, not really suits me as well~

Guess what we choose, the famous 牛魔王, from the 西游记 xD 

They even have small pot (1-2 person), medium pot and large pot. Of cause, there is just two of us, will have a small pot. Later they will ask, how much spicy you wan? Less spicy, more spicy, add spicy or No spicy. At first we choose no spicy, but I am thinking to have more appetite, we choose less spicy =D

Okay, me with the menu wall =D

This pot is gonna be so HOT later xD

There is the another wall, post their famous dish, where do they have this restaurant, what is their main dish from 四川~ How much SPICY you like~ YUMMY~~

While waiting, just can't stop Selca LOL

Qiang, my cute face and dark eye circle with heavy eye bag wtf* Who can help me with it~~

Heres come our 牛魔王,lol start to love their dish name because is so dramatic xD

The hot pott~

At first we order, it came out dry and the zap like so less eat until very dry. So we think maybe we order soup, but the boss say can add soup to our dish. So here we go, the dish with soup~ Eventually the taste of the beef + the soup taste so nice~ The soup was super 麻辣, ermm more on a very nice taste of spicy =D


Besides that, the boss also tell us that we can add on some dish as well. LOL, I tell bii maybe we can add on let's go see what inside the refrigerator LOL. End up, we add on with vegetable and noodles~ I seriously didn't notice that we can add on with so many dish (add $) and can eat with noodles too!! Should have eat with noodles instead of rice although we just share one rice! The soup we add like many times, we soup lover!! Yet the taste of the POT remain so AWESOME!!

Billing time~~ My bii just posing there, hmmm =D

The Big refrigerator LOL~ The color is separate with dish and price xD Looks so colorful =D

They even have shops in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other country too!! So they are like super famous hot pot in Asian country!! xD Besides you can have it here at Wangsa Maju, but in PJ and Kuchai Lama as well =D

Bii is super happy and say, always feel happy with me even we will just have a simple date together =D Super touching right~~ He's my CUTIE PIE WHAT~~ xD



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