EJR State Competition 2013

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Today will gonna blog post about last weekend what I do~ Except going to church and hang out with friend. State EJR Robotics competition is just on the 22nd of September, FINALLY is here~ because I been training them for 2 months and this day finally arrived LOL. Everyday training will be from 3:30pm-5:30pm, if is school holiday we'll be having training for 6 hours maximum per day @.@ 

Training is a long and hard journey to go through. One need to have a lot of determination and hardworking to learn and improve in training. Since is a tough work for adults, how about just a 8 years old kids? LOL Back to the topic then, I can't really say that I am a very good teacher or very good in any of subject or even robotics. I just teach them what I know and tell them how to do. Of cause they will know nothing in the beginning but could be genius after the training =D After all the hard works and training, as a teacher we just have to let go and let them do their best in the competition without any regrets.

Beside training them, we have to work on that day itself to help out the event. I am on stage where the when the prize ceremony starts, so mostly the starting event I just walk around and see how my student doing =D Our Kl competition start at 1pm. so we asked student to come early. Their box set and laptop are with me on the stage, while morning I been working too, wake up at 5am T_T

Taking photo while I'm free, My partner is busy with the registration counter.

Is a big event kinda thing, every school do sent few teams to compete. Guess where I took the photo? There is this second floor for the parents and teacher to watch their kids during the competition. I think it is a very good design of it, because I remember last year the parents like surround and have to wait behind. Not worry because the second floor is surround the whole hall =D

See the second floor, you can saw many parents were standing there. Since I am working that day, have a small permit to go inside when the competition haven't start. LOL

The lower group team. The B5 group.

The upper standard Group. The H5 group.

The upper standard group 2. The I1 group.

The Lower standard 2. This group sit the most far from the other group, lol. The F2 group.

Hearing the briefing and my students are chit chating ==

Here's start their competition. In EJR, there will be 1 hour of building + programming, after that There will start Round 1 of the competition. Of cause there is still some other parts to do. I just mention the important one xD

Although the lower standard didn't manage to complete all their mission still they get 特优奖for this competition. I think is a good start for them right~

Hmmm, not looking as happy as they look like ==

Kinda happy, when I saw The upper standard do get 特优奖also, kinda relieve although is not 亚军, 季军or 冠军。 Still the small prize is satisfied enough for me =D


Take 1

Take 2

All these robots car is just ready for another round of the competition =D LOL Guess which is from my school !? =P

Okay, conclusion is since our 4 team is entitled a prize so we are going for NATIONAL match, sounds awesome right. But don't really have high expectation though, because every team that are going for NATIONAL match surely is the PROS among the other team. So gonna try my best again for the coming month, see you guys on the 17th November 2013 for the NATIONAL EJR COMPETITION.



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