It's First day of September, yesterday mostly they slept at 2:30am and wake at 7:30am. Time for going to church, everyone is still tired and lazying around @.@ So it's a bit late when we reach Steph's Church ~ Because unprepared of going to a Church, Mostly girls just wearing shorts so have to borrow long pants from Stephanie =D 

#1 We are soo LATE!! xD

#2 It's my first time went to a traditional church =D The Interior Design of the Church is so nice =D We are having our Holy Communion too!! We have to went infront kneel down before God to have our Holy Communion =D

#3 With da girls, sitting together~

#4 The mirror is super naise~~


#6 Attend the church until 10+am, we are sooo hungry as well =D Selca at car lol!!


#8 photo booming~

#9 Our breakfast will be DIM SUM~

#10 Separate to two tables, me and bii sit at another table.

#11 The yam~

#12 虾膏 My most favorite of dim sum~~droollsss

#13 Actually if the Dim Sum is with shrimps, that will be my favorite =目



My selca #15 & #16, with and without my cardigan LOL


#18 & 19 With my babe along =D super cutee ler him~

#20 Notice my hat, is not!! IT'S a BEANIE~~~ That are so cute O>-

#21 The 流沙包~ Its does not taste GREAT lol We spend here for 1-2 hours waiting Justin with our Kaya Puff order =D

#22 Steph's DAD say, You come Ipoh must have and try their Ipoh Hor fun!!

73, Jalan Bandar Timah 
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opens from 9.30am onwards, until late lunch.
Closed on Thursdays 


75, Jalan Panglima (beside Kong Heng)
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +6012-227 2745/+605-241 8977 

#23 Here is the famous Ipoh Hor fun xD

#24 Photo Time =D Michelle expression is superb!! haha

#25 Own selca~

#26 Stephanie say this is a MUST too!! caramel dessert =D

#27 Too many people that we separate to two tables~~

#28 Beside by waiting our order, Stephanie ask us to go the stall beside for Fried Ice- cream and Curry puff =D


#30 The curry puff, but I didn't taste it >-< because too full already laaa~~

#31 On the newspaper before too~~

#32 The PORK SATAY~~ Nice taste, a bit harder than chicken but the嚼劲度is very nice~

#33 Caramel Egg Custard =D Its so nice, is like 入口即溶 xD So EGGY taste too!! yummy~

#34 The fried Ice-Cream, I have it YAM ~haha and it's love shape so cute~

#35 Me with my fried ice-cream~

#36 yam ice-cream~

#37 The Nga Choy that are famous at Ipoh too!! They look juicy and yummy~ Fat Nga Choy xD


#39 The famous Ho Fun in town~ I promise you guys you won't regret after eating this Hor Fun, the Chicken Kuey Teow soup was AWESOME~ You can't taste or drink it at anywhere~~ LOL The Kuey teow was so smooth and just slurp it inside your mouth~~ droollssssss The soup was so fresh taste and not oily at all!! SUPER 开胃!!Although I was so full, I still try and eat half of it =目

#40 We didn't stay there late, because there are a lot of people waiting for tables~ LOL We found a interesting valley and start to take photo~

#41 Bii say this valley is very nice to take photo~

#42 My bag of the day, bringing my favourite purple back to Ipoh =D

#43 Act Cute pose xD

Purple Beanie and Sling Bag from Le Beauty Boutique =D

#44 Some of the scenery and valley you can be found beside the shop =D





#49 Just can't stop posing =P




#53 Saw this old 保险箱 lol~ SUper Antique~~

#54 They are at least 2 hidden shop behind the valley xD






#60 The ceiling~

#61 Michelle dearie~




#65 Using cam quality not good >.< LOL



Details of the place:

Buku Tiga Lima

behind Kong Heng

97, Jalan Sultan Yussuf
3000 Ipoh perak

05 - 2426188

#68 Heading to the 3rd shop~

#69 This was super funny, saw the BRA in da BAG~ in case cannot see the word clearly, is written DO NOT TOUCH MY BRA!! LOL

#70 Woman in da beach~


#72 Inside design~


#74 Artistic Painting~



#77 Small and nice feel cafe here =D





#82 It's Burps and giggles =D

Behind Kongheng

93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf
3000 Ipoh Perak

05- 2426188

#83 Finally the door entrance~

#84 Saw this cute bar, photo time~





#89 Old building~

#90 Our next stop is to buy Swissroll~~ LOL

#91 The interior design was so colorful~ They have the promotion buy 5 certain size of Swiss Roll get 1 free~

#92 Me and Michelle~

#93 Me and Alleciaaa

#94 Me and Stephaniee

#95 Me with Irene =D

#96 The bag was so cuteee!!

#97 Purposely choose purple for me =D

#98 Couple shot~~



05- 2415796

#99 Saw this Tiny Gong Cha car belong to Stephanie~~ is so tinyy >.< hahaha


#101 last meal of the trip~ Duriansssss xD

We left Ipoh around 2:30pm with Justin LOL. Adrian and the gang decide to rest first at Steph's House only start their journey back to Kuala Lumpur. Beside that we need to fetch Ximi back to Hulu Yam too!! Although there is a few KM jam, + raining a while!! Its kinda annoying when you drive on this kind of  weather LOL  →. →

Anyway We reach Kl around 7:30pm, there is jam around KL too~~ haha

Anyway have massive fun with my ANAKAINOS gang~ I bet my darling have a lots of fun too~~ Love the way he fellowship with my church friend. Although not feeling well through the first day of the trip, still having a lots of fun with them~~ And gain quite a lot of experience life in Ipoh, Ipoh is really a food paradise if you guys are a FOOD LOVER. Ipoh will be a GREAT place to come~ Definitely will be here again at IPOH~~



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