Holaaaa~~ is weekend again and gonna post some interesting stuff happen in MA life~ I been wanted to go Ipoh for so long (did I!?) LOL Anyway, me and my church friends are planning a Ipoh Food trip this weekend 31st August 2013. I am so gonna join this with my boyfie!!! Is my first went there and because one of our church friend live there as well, and beside we need to pay for our transport and food, we gonna stay at Her house for 2 nights and it was so naise of her to let us stay at her house >.<

We start our journey to Ipoh on Friday after Prayer meeting around 10:15pm. What we not expected is the Jam to Ipoh LOL. We got 3 cars and 5 girls 5 guys going to Ipoh. We reach Ipoh around 1:am+. We headed straight for our first station of our Food Stop. Actually I really don't have any idea where all the good food are, but thanks to Justin our dai gor bring us to!

Our first stop is coming for this 烧肉档口 Siew Yok xD Looks super nice don't know how the taste will look like~


#3 Justin say the 虾面also not bad =D

#4 Our Ha Mian~ The soup taste nice not that spicy but is the 虾香味~ wuuulaa~

#5 The chee choeong fun 料~

#6 Our Favorite Siew yok~ Its the BEST that I ever taste because I am siew yok Fans too although its fat xD Its so cripsy that you can never eat at other places =目 Justin say the siew yok after slice he got put inside oven to cook a while de lol ~

#7 I think is quite nice, the taste is special compare you can find it at KL ^0^

#8 After our first station food stop, we headed to Stephanie home to rest and that time was almost 2-3am @.@ I was so Furking exhausted~ wanted to sleep only~ The guys are all sleeping in the hall with mattress la we girls are going to sleep in the room upstairs~ 

We wash up and start to take photo like all the girls will do xD Me and Michelle ~

#9 Allecia, me and Irene =D


#11 The 5 pretty girls =D

#12 We didn't sleep quite late instead we have our alarm ring at 7:30am @.@ what a early morning~ and we have sleep for 3-4 hours only~ haha Everybody looks tired and have heavy eye bags ~ xD

#13 Selcaa

#14 Me and Mich, getting ready for our food trip ~

#15 Besides that, Stephanie brother have a whole cupboard of collection of TRANSFORMER lol!!


#17 Not forget our selca =D




#20 Everybody is waiting and prepare to go out lo~~


#22 Our selca in car, Stephanie is da driver xD

#23 Our breakfast stop at  Ma Chai for the nasi Lemak. Justin actually asked us to choose what for breakfast, I just love nasi Lemak for no reason xD


#25 As usual, photo time =D

#26 My bii act cute look xD

#27 Stephanie, Michelle, Allecia Me and Ximi !!




#31 Selca

#32 Ximi, Irene and Chew Aun

#33 All the Nasi Lemak dish~ OMG~ Looks so naisee~



#36 The ayam goreng =D I always love to eat~ Its so crunchy and taste nice~香料炸鸡更是由店主原创!使用超过15种香料~~~

#37 Anybody go for Petai? I am not a fan of Petai but since it one of the Jeng food so must give it a try! hehehe

#38 The famous pork skin, and is doesn't really look like one, I didn't even SAW it before!! LOL

#39 Beside by that, we order 猪皮 and curry pork too~ LOL Although we order quite a lot but The food is not very expensive ya~


#41 Since we are all hungry, so the dishes all also gone quickly xD

If you wish to try their dish, beside the dish above, they have 够味道的沙姜鸡脚, 国产鲜炸虾饼,上海菜丝粉卷,深山小野猪肠粉,叁吧江鱼仔肠粉,碳烧猪皮肠粉,鲜蛤肠粉 ,咖哩臭豆肠粉,爽口深海八爪鱼等等. LOL


Jalan Pike 36,
31450, Ipoh, Perak

Here the websites describe more about how the dish all cook by and their name =D

#42 Headed to another destination.

#43 Our next stop, carving for beed noodle~ 牛腩面 =目


#45 Its open by this two brother together, they are famous with beef parts. No matter noodle, 鱼丸 and 牛腩 .


#46 So I am so concentrate figure out the good food in Ipoh.

#47 Chew Aun

#48 The another sweet couple =D

#49 The gangs of us =D



#52 its US!!!

#53 Here's our Ho Liao come !! xD

#54 All the fried food~

#55 The famous beef noodles~

#56 The hakka noodles with chicken leg~

#57 All our foodsss~~

#58 Its SuPER a lot!! So full and pack with just now Nasi Lemak =P

#59 All the Ballss xD


#61 He we start our food LOL!!

#62 My big 嘟嘴 POSE~~

#63 Find this so nice, because is so convenient and the utensil can keep it clean inside!!

#64 Sit like a LOU SAI~




73 & 75, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh

012-455 7368

#66 With the couple =D

#67 My #ootd of the day, Relax style ~
Love pattern top from Kitschen =D

#68 Hope you all don't feel like we very wai sek~ LOL Because just after the noodle we did exercise walk some distance to here!!  

#69 So gonna try this as SOYA is one of my favorite drink~~

49,Jalan Theatre
30300 Ipoh , Perak


#71 We want to come here to buy the famous Kaya KOK~ Me and my boy is one of the Kaya Lover xD No joke, here de kaya KOK is superb!!!! rawww~~

No. 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (Jalan Clare)
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone : 05- 2439659, or 012-4534596 (Elaine).

#72 Everybody is lining up just to buy their kaya puffff =目



#75 Me, Allecia, Stephanie, Michelle and Irene =D

#76 Love da background!!

#77 Ho chiak been here before!!



#80 This is how SMOOTH their Toufufa look~~ DROOLSSSSS~ =目

#81 me with my toufu faaa~~ yummy~~ Not forget the soya drink~ IS super NAISE~ Is sweet but not like other soya when you drink it will leave some taste inside but the soya is smooth daoooo~~ JENG!!!

After all the food, the weather was super hot and everybody walk like a LOU SAI back to our car~~

Guess where we going!?

Love this photo =3 Me and bf is so sweet~~

Photo from Michelle =D




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