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Ipoh Food Trip II - Kellie's Castle

elloooo, continue our trip =D Due to much photos so I decide to make it few post about my trip~ LOL Although just 3 days 2 nights >0<

We are heading to Kellie's castle ~~~ So happy because I also wanted to go there xD I think besides eating, go jalan - jalan also very important too!! Is just a 30-40 minutes to Kellie's Castle. What are we doing in the car, Me basically just sleeping on bibi arms =D LOL Woman sickness ARGH!!! Super sien zzzz =目

#1 Not to forget, the SUN is super HOT!!! @.@ We actually got like is there necessary we need to go there because the sun is way to HOT! LOL But we got ask for umbrella lol, so we walk by umbrella LA! hahaha

#2 Me and Micheelee

#3 Group Photo of 5 girls again~~ With super big umbrella~


#5 Allecia and me~

#6 Irene and Stephanie =D

#7 Me with biii~

#8 The gay LOL


#10 Kellie's Castle~




#14 The far look of the castle look~

#15 Near look~

#16 Another side of the castle~

#17 After the stairs the entrance to the castle~

#18 A design of the hall, they kept one of the room design to let tourist see and know their Scottish design. SO elegant~ 




#22 I actually love their window design, comes with different pattern =D

#23 Girls Photo =D



#26 Love the pattern of this part, this castle still remain many parts of building that is so nice =D Love the composition of the castle design ~

#27 Kellie's castle always have the GHOSTLY feel~ LOL Its depends on you guys to believe or not!? 

#28 My sunglasses~


#30 Round design~


#32 The spiral design staircase, Allecia saw and ask us to pose on this stair ^6^ The outcome is superb~ but I love Michelle Photo much xD


#34 Love the second floor balcony composition~~ Actually this photo can be much better without the FEI po standing in the middle LOL~


#36 Secret Passageway =D

#37 And the secret staircase~


#39 You can always saw these kind of staircase at Kellie's Castle~

#40 The 3rd floor =D You can see scenery from here~


#42 I think this took unprepared ==

#43 Discussing to took the 那些年 photo xD


#45 LOL, my camera suddenly cannot shot far de ==


#47 My bii always got that funny pose xD

Final Outcome =D By Michelle Camera

Bii complain that his hand pose not nice == hahaha, cute him =D

#48 There is still a forth floor too~ Btw this black mat floor is actually William decided to have a tennis court but failed to do it because of his death. LOL

#49 Pose for photo~



#51 On the forth floor~ taken by Allecia =D


#53 The forth floor roof also can go =D OMG~ Did I not forget to mention, I super afraid of high~~~~~ SO I don't dare to go near to the edge, always must bii accompany de !!


#55 Scenery from top view~

#56 This look super scary from top ~.~


#58 Just a Group Photo~ AWESOME~~~


#60 Looks so nice from the top =D

#61 The another lost couple~~ LOL xD

#62 It's mention here, this should be the first lift at Malaya but does not made it because William death~

Another shot of our group photo =D

#63 Composition~

#64 Tunnel to underground but now is filled with water liao xD


#66 Not really know what is this building~ haha



#69 Mostly is not complete, but damage some of the part~

#70 We have JP in da house =D

#71 Mostly the look of all the castle =D

#72 Bii say this chair so nice, so have a short photoshoot here by my Cam xD



#75 So my friend will say come come, take you both also LAR! So here we are =目



#78 Hugging my darling~~

#79 There are wood and steel to support the front part of the building.

#80 The guys gang~~~

Group Photo =D

Love this shot by Michellee =D My super lam look ~~ ^6^

By kendrick =D

After 1-2 hours spending here, we decided to head for our next makan stop~ LOL I was so FURKING sick after this~ Vomited a bit, and feel dizzy due to less water but eat many and WOMAN SICKNESS~~ LOL. So I just rest sleep on bii arms to our next destination LOL~

Phone: +605-255 2772/9962


To Be continue =D

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