Sorry now only continue my post to Ipoh, been thinking is it okay to separate my Ipoh trip to few post? LOL Because I have too many photos to upload LOL!!  I still got 100+ photo waiting for me zzzz

Okay, back to the trip lolz, after a visit to Kellie's Castle. I thought they wan  to back to Steph's house but instead decided to have a coffee break at a Kopitiam~ Unfortunately the Kopitiam close and we have to choose this NAM HEONG OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE to drink. Although me and my boyfie is not a coffee lover, but that's nothing wrong to have a try right? haha So we got ourselves a hot white coffee, I am still not felling well  →_ 

#1 The White Coffee and The Kopitiam =D Ipoh really do famous with their old town white coffee 

怡保旧街场 ( 南香茶室 ) 

2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 
Ipoh Perak, 30000 

#2 Beside Coffee, egg tart is a good combination with a Coffee too =D

#3 Our Coffee and Egg Tart =D

After this we decided to head back Steph's house =D Me and darling cannot stand the sweaty sweaty feel , we go and have a bath and get change~ =P After bath, feeling refreshing we chit chat and rest a while. Michelle decided to ask Irene to help her tie a braid xD LOL 

#4 So here we are, sitting down and ximi is helping me to braid my hair!!

#5 The final outcome =D

Around 6pm, we headed to our dinner destination. Justin so wanted to bring us to here, because of their seafood. 

#6 After drink A LOT of water and bath, I feel much better already LOL. Still I am very tired @.@ hahaha


69, Psn Medan Bercham 2,
Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Open: 5pm -10pm
Closed Weds
GPS: N4 38.359 E101 08.093

#7 Camwhoring~

#8 Selca with bii besides me =D

#9 We reach there around 6:30pm and there was a lot of cars and people there already. Oh ya forget to mention, this restaurant is so famous and pack that better to BOOK your seat before you reach there =D

#10 This the famous 冬粉蟹。RM54  Erm, what to say? I super love glass noodles and crab too! I feel this combination is so PERFECT~ First time eating crab in soup as well, so the soup taste a bit pepper and NAISE~


#12 I think this CHEESE PRAWN will be super duper new for you all~~ Not forget the taste is super super JENG as well. CHEESYYY and PRAWN~~~~ I guess mostly girls will love this dish a lot xD RM50

#13 This is what everybody do when the foods come lol xD 

#14 Our seafood of the day!!

#15 The fishball, I find it Super Q~~ And the sauce also a good combination with fishball~ Bii say the chili sauce taste nicee~~

We still order 1 LALA and 1 vegetable too~ xD But all also didn't have rice for dinner, no CARBO~ LOL The weather start to rain as we finish our dinner and many people still waiting for table. We didn't stay up long at there instead we went for Dessert at Tea Garden =D


#17 SNOWMAN~!!

#18 The environment inside is super comfort and nice place to hang out with friends~

#19 with honey~~

#20 We been separate to two gangs, me? In the middle LOL, the gang on my right at first I did join them for poker games~~~ And laugh until BEH TAHAN. The gang on my left that my bii join them, having another poker games too!! When they decide to play blaugh, only I start to be on own playing Allecia's tab. =P I just not good on Lying people maa, so bascially i will lose in the end →_ → hahaha

Guess how long we are staying 3 hours ++!! I also didn't realize but time passes fast >-< We are the noisiest gang at there~~ LOL We can't stop laughing and playing around too =D

#21 Not to forget, when we go to the restaurant, we pass here =D So we stopby and makan angin here =D Although looks like I-city, but I think the feel is different =D Here is the Kinta Riverfront.

Address: Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Phone:05-245 8888



#24 There is the big bridge, that I a bit afraid as well =P


#26 When you stand on bridge the scenery will be so AWESOME =D LOVE THE shadow on the river~~~



#29 Standing in the middle of the bridge, and you get to see this wonderful scene =D



#32 Nearer view of the building and the river =D Super pretty right~


#34 The girls =D thx Chew Aun S4 =D Although is so dark, but with S4 nothing is impossible =)

#35 with my darling~

#36 The side design of the place, there is a hotel beside the river too, bars and singing too!!


After this, we went back to Steph's house. That time also around already 12:00am already @.@ Super sleepy me, but theere are some are not sleepy yet continue their card game in the house LOL~ But I really cannot stand the tiredness. I went to bed at 1am am the second earliest to sleep =P

Gonna continue our journey tomorrow morning~~ 

For more about our morning trip 



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