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Okay, babe birthday not stop on his birthday date only but until the 13th of October xD After church, we went to cafe nearby. Most important is near to a Bakery Shop, we went to Smashies Burger located at Jalan Genting Klang. Although it been a while since this restaurant was open, this time is just my second time here. =D Woolaaa~ Am not burger lover xD

A couple selca of the day, Guess my babe know what's going on later hor! xD

My handsome darling wear until so smart! =D

Black Bun burger, The burger portion always come with super big size and the zap will all drooling out. Sounds yummy hor!!

This is a interesting drawing and theory of how burger BEEF from!? LOL
So one day, thunder storm come and hit one of the cow at the open field. I guess human right, slaughter the cow and taste it. Conclusion is they find it roasted beef is not bad at all~~ hahas 

Fried Shrooms har!? Is a type of mushroom, My favorite food too, order by Allecia.

Red Bun burger, double BEEF!! So JUICY and YUMMY~

Mine BURGER!! Okay, seriously I don't remember all the burger name because the name are all unique! I gues mine was HAPPY COW xD

Michelle BURGER!! At first she don't feel like eating but later influence by us, she go and order one set of burger set.

Single Patty? haha. The color of the burger bun is so creative and colorful!! haha

Couple selfieeee

Kendrick with his yummy burger

Here comes the birthday cake, I also didn't prepare and the cake and the birthday song just came xD I guess bii didn't saw that coming also gua xD haha Birthday where can don't have Birthday Cake ne~ Specially Opera Cake, with chocolate and tiramisu flavor~

Photo time

Group Photo time!! 

Another take!! Because our seat is a bit pack thats why all the people int this photo sit quite tight to each other. hehes!! Guess I am the tiny one among them, beside my darling too! haha.

a cute video on his surprise day!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  my precious love, hope you enjoy the SURPRISE!! haha Although you always say really don't mind, don't need but I know that you love surprise too!! You looks so smart that day just for me =D I hope you happy with the church friends around me, and glad that you can just make friends with them with just a click, hahas!

So Proud to have you in MA life, no regrets and continue to love as much as possible!!

Try out the Smashie Burger Shop

Lot 126-G-5, Metro Genting ,
Jalan Genting Klang

012-3997815, 017-3719911



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