Forest Fairy at Ulu Yam

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hi peeps, if you guys have notice my facebook you will know that I have recently done my another photoshooting with my darling~~ haha. 15th October is a public holiday, Hari Raya Haji. I always choose public holiday to do shooting, because is the only rest day I have. Although maybe you will thought photoshooting is kind of tiring, but for me is a fun activities that I can make up pretty to let my super darling shoot me, haha. I take it as a relaxing time back to forest to enjoy nature xD

It's already pass 2 months since the last time we are having shooting. Also the same title and forest feel, but both is different shooting. This is more to nature and forest feel =D

Close shoot #2

We find that there are a lot of big stone for me to sit and pose!! #3

Bii is so PRO that he always shoot me from different angle because he say take from different angle will have different feel =D #4


#6 My darling keep ask me pose the high fashion shoot, but I tell him I wear the pastel dress so colorful and cute where can pose high fashion oh!!

#7 Here comes one high fashion pose that bii shoot =D

#8 Purposely show one act cute pose, tongue pose!! haha

#9 Another got feel the pose by the tree. 

#10 Bii just love to try the off flash effect, here is one of the shot.

#11 Don't say I simple point!! If you guys see clearly, there is one row of ants, the light slightly different because my bii accidentally flash the flash on the ground and get this kind of effect!! haha


#13 Love this pose!!

#14 Found another BIG STONE to pose!! haha My leg looks so long~~


#16 Praying like a angle!! teehee

#17 Another side of shoot.

#18 From Up angle shoot, me looks so cute!!

#19 Whole body shot!!

#20 What's up there? 

#21 How about some standing pose? Looks so fat because the dress is fluffy xD

#22 Somehow I think My darling has improve a lot in shooting 

#23 Which pose you guys like? The first one or the second one? I prefer this shot Lar! hehe


#25 Oh yeah, see the waterfall behind me? We are having shooting at a waterfall xD

#26 See my weird face, babe say need take some behind the scene look, now we are moving to the waterfall already.

#27 ta-dang, MA leg are soak in the water!!

#28 Another candid shot just take so perfectly~

#29 Okay == Some fun photo of me playing the water xD

#30 Although this photo is over exposed but I also love this shot!!

#31 We spent quite some time in the water to try this effect, babe say because of the lens not many nice photo took with this effect. Just got this one~


#33 Water timee

#34 Some Stone pose, is kinda dangerous because actually the stone is kinda steep, I am not laying down on a flat stone. If I slowly turn to either of the side, I will fall de == I keep asking help, bii bii bii~~ hahaha But some of the nice photo is like this, you have to go for some challenge to get a nice photo! =D


#36 Although is a normal photo, I just simply like the nature of the forest, greenish!! haha

#37 Couple selfiee!! So sweaty and tired look =P

#38 Act cute LAR!!

Not to forget there is another side of the waterfall, we are having a photoshoot on the other side of the waterfall~

Nature green.


After change and soak into the water~

Just stand and pose only~~

Is my first time experience shooting in the waterfall, is quite dangerous because there is waterflow and stone in the water. My darling is taking his camera with him and walk among the water to get a better angle of me in the water. I keep shouting to him to communicate LOL. Because he stand quite far to me~ haha. During shooting in the nature, there is one important you must remember to bring is MOSQUITO REPELLENT LOL!! When I get back home, there are some mosquito bite on my hand and back. =(

After a hard day of shooting, we are suppose to having a relaxing trip today. Oh ya, haven't tell you guys where am I for this shooting!? ULU YAM, we are going there with Kendrick dai gor and his gf, Ulu yam is Ximi hometown. Not forget, we are here to eat good food as well!! haha Here gonna write a bit food post at ULU YAM!! 

Our lunch is at 真好吃卤面, Ximi say there are a lot of 卤面店,its depend on one 口味 to decide which restaurant is DA BEST!!
The first one is the 虾米猪肠粉 that is super nice!! because 虾米 is my favourite food lol!The 猪肠粉is super smooth wahaha! Together with 虾米 and a bit belacan, the taste is superb!! We did try their 卤面 of cause, but I didn't take photo, My darling say their noodle is one of a kind!! because they do the noodle them self, so the noodle taste differently~~

After lunch, we headed to the waterfall. We shoot for 2 hours plus and headed to hot spring~~ NO JOKE!! The hotspring is super duper HOT!! The first step we step is like burning our skin, LOL Luckily There is another hot spring that are not SO HOT lol. haha So we soak on the pool first only we go to the super HOT spring~~ LOL. Our leg are super red after just 10 minutes I think!? Ximi say after the hot spring you will sleep super well through out the night =D haha

Kendrick and Ximi on the bikee!!

Diiner timeee =D After a super tiring day, we back to Ximi house to have a cool bath. At first we are suppose to have Thai for dinner but since its quite far from Ximi house so we decided to try here!! She say that here has a famous 椰子虾. OMG!! Eating special dish prawn today for lunch and dinner!! haha

番薯叶 is Ulu Yam special vegetables.

This toufu is so NICE!! The zap is so smooth and taste so nice! The toufu is outside 脆 inside is so juicy and smooth =D

here come the famous 椰子虾, LOL, The soup is Thai style soup, super APPETIZE!! Can you see the Prawn is Super Big and Fresh!! So the taste ofcause is awesome!! Why there is small bowl beside the coconut? Because the coconut is small, and the soup will always finish up so when the soup is finish we can add on the soup for more =D droolsssss~~~ Why COCONUT?? The coconut taste so nice with the soup when you drink it~~ >0<

We headed home at 8pm reach Kl around 9pm+. I start to feel hungry already when I finish this post @.@ hahaha

Having a wonderful couple trip with Kendrick and Ximi!! Hope to be there again~ Because is a nice place close to the nature =D



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