Morning peeps, is a super late post. I am getting lazier to blog liao T_T Sorry for my laziness, please forgive me~ I started to think how about next year? I will be moving to a more busier school life, how about my blog here? I really hope that I could have some time to blog about my life here, so that can be my memory for life =D Can't stop the passion here LAR!! Of cause I hope I can be a successful blogger and fashionista but the road is kinda difficult for me. But this can't stop me for continue blogging except my laziness~~ Shoo shoo please go away ya~~

Back to topic, see this M on the cute butter~~ is from MCD breakfast, it was so cute right~~haha

With the honey the pancake taste nice, darling say the butter taste JENG!

Last Sunday I am working because got Robotland at my school organised by my company. The time passes so fast that everything runs so smoothly during this activities. I end my work around 1 pm, I still manage to catch up my church mates =D

It's Irene Birthday celebration and I miss out =( But is ok any way, at least I am here now hehe.

With Dearest Michelle~

Irene is taking photo with everyone including my cute darling~~

Of cause did not forget our couple selfie of the day!!

We just can't stop taking photo when we are together xD

As usual we are gathering for dinner as well, This time Justin decided to bring us to makan Claypot. It is located at Pudu area. We actually use quite some time to look for this place, because when we follow Justin's car, we actually lost him. When we reach this place, you can see there are many claypots outside and was cook by charcoal is super traditional and thats make the claypot chicken has some special nice taste! haha

The shop

Busying steam the claypot~

Not forget there are many 招牌菜 they provided as well =D

I didn't even know that we ordering fish as well~ Not forget to mention, this fish is definitely worth to try! Is super fresh and juicy fish, the sauce is super appetite! Many of us just can't stop eating this dish!!

Oh ya,Here comes our Claypot Chicken rice.

Comes with salt fish, since Ruby is not keen to have salt fish with the claypot chicken rice. We just add on to our own! The salt fish is super yummyy!!! Blend so well with the claypot chicken, since the claypot already steam with charcoal. YUMMY!!

We even order soup, 胡椒汤, with pork intestine also! Not to dare to eat it, but super love to drink it!! haha The soup is super 

These are all the dish we order, with vegetables and toufu!! Looks like a lot,but we are all hungry HAMMIESS~~ Soon all these Ho liao habis we eat xD haha

Our Group Photo before we eat xD

Kedai Makanan Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice

No 59, Ground Floor,
Jalan Yew, Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9200 1603
GPS Coordinates: N 3 08.026 E 101 42.997

Selca of the day, wearing singlet, The restaurant is in indoor and is air-cond. So the environment is still not too bad. haha

With michelle dearie~

We always have second yumcha after dinner, we decided to go Jalan Pahang MCD lol. Is kind of troll because we scared that place is full of people and we are super duper NOISY bunch of peoples. haha But we manage to find a place inside a room. We play UNO as usual~ I didn't have any snacks because we are all so full , we just order drinks to chill out.

After our yumcha session is already 12am, and we are keep laughing and joking around. This is a wonderful night our because together we have the happiness and joy we are sharing!!

If you guys are intereting to join our Care Group

Our last  group photo as you guys seen above =D



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