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Am thinking to write a post introduce an Online boutique that I super LOVE!! Besides the cloths that they sell, I think that the model is super pretty also!! I already buy their cloths for twice I think, the owner is so nice and pretty. Not forget to mention the cloths that they are selling are cheap and nice quality as well. I think ther business start to grow so well already since there are 10K of like for their page~~ Congratzz ya~ To Novela. I just wanted to share my like to that boutique since I first bong chan from them =D

Most of you guys know, that I am a purple lover, and now the fashion is more on pastel color. So the purple trend become a LAVENDER color!! This color is super lovely because it is more to cute and lovely . Lavender color is more to light purple and bright color. I love Lavender also, I mean the real lavender in real life. I even photoshoot with it!!

Wanted to know where you can find real lavender in Malaysia? Feel free to visit my lavender shooting 

Back to topic, I shop my lavender clothing at their shop. The color is so lovely, I just fall in love with that color in just first sight. =D As I mention above their cloths is selling in an affordable price so you can shop and pick as much of the cloths. So don't worry about pricing, the quality is very nice. Here I am gonna to show you guys some of the cloths that I buy from Novela =D

I got this first as my Lavender cloths collection, Lilac Pinafore. I have been searching for this kind of pinafore for quite some time. Some of the online boutique whether is sold out or don't have this kind of pinafore. Looking for pinafore with just two stripes xD It's just RM29!! It can be wear with or without the stripes, you can wear it as a skirt as well =D

The second Lavender collection is this leggings~ Pastel Purple Cotton Legging is just RM19!! How can you not to grab it back home>0< I wear it my darling BIG DAY!!Should be wearing it with a longer shirt =P

Third Collection is this Twinkle Pastel Short Dress.Saw this dress was like wahh super cute lol!! Feel like wanted to bring it home~~ So I just Bought it with RM39=DD Because is a short dress, should wear it with a pair of leggings ya~~

All the collection I get it from them is already SOLD out, but they always have new arrivals on each FLYDAY~~ I always keen to look for Lavender collection or maybe white color that my darling like ^-^ hehe

So these are some of the new arrival cloths that I will show you guys =D

Pastel Overall Colors  RM37 - SOLD OUT *opps Since I already gt a pinafore familar with this, so I didn't buy =P

This dress look so WAHHH  on the model, sometimes I even think should I see the cloths or more on the model xD hiak hiak!! Sexy white dress~~

Lace Outer + Tube Dress Set RM45 Its come from two piece and just RM45 you can get two piece home!! Super worth right!

This dress is more on sweet and lovely style =D

OMG!! Feels like wanted to buy this sweater added to my collection!! I want the Lavender sweater!!

Sweetie Pie Mini Skirt 2 Color RM32

When my darling saw this he say wah so NAISE the skirt~  Short Skirt!! hmmm..feels like buying because usually its hard to find short skirt in LAVENDER!!! But just scare I might don't have the chance to wear it lol!! T^T

Anyway going to beg my darling to buy some of the nice cloths I SUPER HEART!! hehe
Alright! Hope you guys really enjoy shopping online at NOVELA~~ CHEERS~~



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