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Hi guys, hows your day? School Holidays is coming soon xD This weekend will be away from KL. Students is having Robotics Competition at Perak. So I am joining a trip too, can say I am working and resting at the same time. Feel so sorry that darling is alone at KL T____T I know we will be missing each other~~ and 18  is just around the corner. Can't wait for this special day to come to continue LOVE YOU~~haha

Back to topic, I already mention that I gonna write a post about Thecandyskin make up product. I known this product from MelissaPoh and I actually look for eyeliner gel for quiet some time.So when I saw their websites also got sell, I just bought it home =D Guess what their product didn't fail me!! =D

This is their package looks like, such a cute packaging!! It's so creative.

Inside the box was these with cute card and packaging with lovely package~

I purchase this 3 color eye shadow, these color are more to natural make up color. I just don't like to have a very colorful make up. But I do know colorful make up can be done with a nice and pretty as well=D Maybe I just not too fond with colorful make up =P

Trying GIF about my make up product. Some images is a bit blur because I'm my handphone and one hand to take photo. Focusing not that good though , I will take a better photo when my next post. Their product is quite powderish but when you apply it. It actually give quite nice color.

The first Eye Shadow I'm gonna introduce is Swiss Chocolate color RM15, This is more to a dark chocolate color, Use it as the last color of the 3 highlight make up. I always love dark brown color, beside use it as eye Shadow. You can even use as a highlight at the nose or even cheek. Dark color eye shadow can make your nose look higher and face looks smaller xD

The second color is Ivory Lace, RM15. This is the highlight color I always use, for eyes. This is the first base color of the eye make up. The color is quite light but I love their blink blink color, looks so shiny xD

The Third color is Honey Gold RM15, the second color base for eye make up =P I love this color most because is the middle color and you can put it whenever time or any event and it won't make your make up super heavy. 

Oh ya beside the product I got, Thecandyskin even free us their blusher, the color was too cute to resist. 

The gel eyeliner I super like, Its my first time trying brown color eyeliner. Because brown color make up product always give us a natural make up look of the day. I been wanted to try Brown color eye liner for ages xD LOL Gel eyeliner is more long lasting than normal eyeliner, their color is more solid and super easy to put on. 

My Chocolate Gel Eyeliner RM39. At first when I first received, I was afraid gel eyeliner will be difficult to apply. But is not when i just apply, the color is actually very easy to apply with just a soft brush apply.  I was quite happy with the outcome and finally got a gel eyeliner of my own and even the color I love! 

For more info can click through their websites:

Instagram: thecandyskin

My Make up Of the day.

Selca During lunch.

Couple selca, not missed =D


Supermodel Wardrobe self manufacture purple dress, Darling say looks like cheerleader dress xD 
But I super love this dress because it is purple color. Wearing with Purple Ankle boots from my favourite Online Shoe boutique - Top Town shop

My new shoe =D

Thecandyskin is still a new online make up product. But their service and quality is really so good. At first, when I place order and I late transfer money to them. But when I click to their websites and log in again I found that My order is all gone. So I email to their customer service, they reply told me that their websites is having maintainance(upgrade). But they will try my best to find back my order, and Just within a day they found my order and continue with my order! feel so happy after knowing that. Beside their service, their product really is a top quality~ Hope you guys can support support and like their page 



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