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hiii, gonna post about ma last weekend at I-city and Setia City Mall. I actually went to I-city for like the third time already. But this time I wanted to went to the 3D Art Museum  I been craving and asking my darling to bring me and finally we will went there by today!! Super excited LOL!! hahaha As usual since last Saturday is Deepavali I still working but I think student gone holiday or either forget mostly 90% of them are not coming to class today~ = = hmmm. So I left school early and we decided to head to Setia City Mall and today we gonna shopping for my darling cloths! hehe =D

Selca in the fitting room while waiting my darling trying on his new cloths~ At FOS, we actually find many new polo tee and shirt for HIM!! So happy that got new cloths and bii use his birthday discount for today~

Near shot of myself. Today use new make up product from Thecandyskin. I super love their product because it was so user friendly, am going to try to review their product soon! xD First time using brown color for my eye liner, I actually quite fond of the color because brown eye liner always bring out the natural feel of the make up. So I was quite happy with result after I apply the brown color eye liner!! am a HAPPY GIRL~~

After shopping at only 2 shops, bii actually got himself 4 pcs of polos, 1 pairs of blue shorts and 1 checkers shirt. We actually start to feel hungry but we can't make up our mind where should we go for dinner?? Bii just suddenly pop out Seoul Garden and here we are. Seoul Garden is actually a free flow BBQ restaurant where you can eat and enjoy your food as much as you can. But the disadvantages is I just don't know why there is just MALAY in this restaurant!! We are the only CHINESE jeeee ~~ wtf* 

At first I thought My biii should don't like their food gua, but is not~ He simply love their FISH, beef and everything food that can be BBQ!! haha He say the marinated food are so nice!! So he just can't stop grabbing their fish and eat! haha Oh ya, we got a Super YUCKY soup, that is chicken ginseng soup....when we first saw it we like...is that the original soup!? wtf* You can see many ginseng in the soup I wan like EUCK~~ == Luckily we add another tom yam soup if not we have to have the chicken ginseng soup for our meal ~~

A little close make up Look~

We are a happy couple ^-^

See how enjoy my biii looks like =D

After we eat our meal, we left prawns as our last meal of the day!! I didn't remember how many prawns we took but we ate quite a lot! haha The prawns are so FRESH and JUICY!! You can see that the prawns are quite BIG size~ haha

Sweet and hang fok look~ trololol

My biii have the concentration look while peeling the prawn! tehee so cute!!

My SOOTD ^6^

Top from Brands Outlet and Pastel rainbow shot pants from Phat Culture 
Bracelets from 826closet

Couple Selfie at car~

Bii is acting to drive concentrate!! This is when we want to go in parking, he pose and I take xD haha

I super love my make up today with the super nice eyebrow I draw xDD

After our wonderful dinner, we start our journey to I-city in just 15 minutes we reached! Because it was holiday and weekend, there are so many people there! Not going to their ice or the theme park haha, or the wax musuem but the Trick 3D Art Musuem~~ hiak hiak

Trying bii download de new picture style for DSLR~

We buy this Card for the entrance because the people told us that the I-City entrance all with this card like Touch and Go card. You top up and pay by this card.

At first bii still want catch the lighting  because all is indoor light take until the photo all yellowish~

Act Da vinci xD

oppsss.. Drop the pants xD


There are even small photo to demonstrate the action to let us know what to pose, but normally is depends on you to be creative LAR!!

Push until it moves!!

Because we went there at night, so there are a lot of people there. But luckily everyone is waiting their turn to take photo with the art drawing. =D


Aiyaaa, want to fall down already.

What's inside!?


GIF of the monkey and tree~

Come through me bull!!


Two different Angel pose, the lighting just alright with the angel feel light xD

Big DINOSAUR~~ ROARRR My GIF with 4 different pose with the Tyrannosaurus rex =D

The original Paint, What I feel most interesting is every painting they draw is SO REAL~~~ and creative as well!!

Hiii Giraffe =D

Know how to take this photo? haha I actually climb on the floor de!!

Bii like this monkey =P



The Shark gonna eat me xD

Big Whale and feel like want to hug it =D

ISHH~~ Don't take my RM100~~~

I'm gonna hold it.

Pour out the water.

Suppose to be beaten by the fish, but bii keep say put your head up because there got shadow. So I put my head higher and this photo come out to be so got feel~ haha xD


Thank you for the tea ^6^

opsss, water~~

I help you out ya~

Don't splash water to mee~~

No, no!!

Haha, love the emotion of the painting xD

Money money come~

May I~

Help help~~

Pump the milk outt~ hehe

I city is here too~

ET is here as well =D

King Kong is here liao ~~

Spiderman too!!

Bii ask me to pose like this!!

Helpp mee~ Got 2 super hero help me tim 0.0

Staircase to Heaven =D

After I pose with all the painting bii feels like want to kacau a bit and pose also! hehe He super bad want to kick down the superhero tim.

Mummy is here too~~ wahh~~

You see he act SIEN here wor==

I purposely do GIF of the pose he do and me!! haha

Poke the nose pulak~~ hahaha

Super funny pose lol him~~ Can't stop laughing when I keep see this picture.

The eyes again = - = haha

Outside painting of Ice Age =D

Wanted to pose with them also =D

Didn't visit the Red Carpet hehe.

We were out around 8:30pm, you can see that there are still A LOT of people outside LOL.

The 摩天轮 I always love =D

The entrance fee for the 3D Trick Art Musuem is Rm10 each yeah. Plus the card is RM3. So total we pay RM23 for both of us.

For more info

Tel: +6 03 5521 8800

The musuem is open from 11am until midnight.

Thank you darling bring me here, we always came to I-city and here is the place that we place so many nice and romantics memories here. Feel so happy and grateful when we are together, we can spend many happy moments together. Although we have argue but in the end we still cool down and communicate. We will be more appreciate what we have and what we do then. ^-^ I still super love him so much~~~ I feel so loved by him and can't be thanksful enough.


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  1. Love all the pose taken with those 3D pictures..have more photos taken n share pls..