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Hi peeps.. time for some relaxation time again with my dear darling. Its been a while I didn't went for a relaxing and massage since Phuket.  This day I suffer neck pain after wake up from bed and darling having back pain. Lol so is kinda suit us since we are having neck pain and back pain. Haha

I think is very important to go for a massage and relax yourself since we are all busy with the working life at KL. I always love and enjoy massage very much. Hehe

The  bathroom. Today massage will be 3 hours at Melissa Body Slimming and Spa. So we book the time from 5 to 8pm.

Their design is quite balinese. Very nice ambiance too!

Flower, stone and wood.

The massage room. At first they provide us sea scrub massage for us. After 40 minutes, they use the machine to wrap me to steam up. I fall asleep because it requires 20 minutes lol.. I really beh tahan because the wrapping is so suffer. You can't even move your hand, leg and** My darling is on the sitting steam. So he is not beside me T.T

The mystery behind the curtain. Haha

I simply Love to walk on the wood. XD

The treatment and the massage they provide.

After the scrub and steaming, we clean ourself and get ready for our French Massage. The massage is Superb, darling say their massage is skill and very profressional. They even put herbal ball on my back and hot stone on darling 's back. It is to relax our spine and spine is one of the most important bone for our body.

Their product.

Saw the cute stone word on the floor, its the word relax. Haha

There are even stone and flower by the stairs when we are walking up.

After the 3 hour of massage, we were both so hungry and oily. Hehe we got our dinner at one of the restaurant. This dish is so delicious!! 

Here comes our Taufu dish in sizzling plate. The egg is so smooth, taufu cook with 虾米. Taste so nice!

7-1 Jalan 1/8B Bandar Damai Perdana,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


10:30am - 8:00pm ( Monday to Friday)
10:30am - 6:30pm ( Saturday and Sunday)
Thursday off

Hihi, I am joining a contest ended on this Saturday. T.T Although they request early, but I am just too busy to blog about their post. But I still try my best to post it up now!!

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How do you get to participate!?? 
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