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heyall, sorry back to food about KOREAN food again. Because I lovey Korean food as much as Japanese food so can eat their food as many times as possible xD Trololol Since Sunday we didn't dinner and lepak with my church friends instead we do it on Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday!! YEAH~~ We decided to went for Korean food at Ampang since the area was famous on Korean Village =D Justin recommend us on these Korean Dining, actually we there is one branch just at our area at Festival City.

We gather there at 8pm. We choose a place to sit on the floor.

Long lost sister, Stephanie is here!!


Nice food photo!!

We been separate, but we sit opposite!!

We were super duper hungry since it was 8+pm already, and we do spend some time on choosing the dish we gonna order and wait for the food to come! So when the side dish is here, we were all keep grabbing the food and eat~ haha

I think because of too pack with many of us, they didn't actually BBQ infront of us. Instead they BBQ for us already!! Chicken!!

KIM CHI JEON RM20 - Pancake with Kimchi and Seafood. It was more on spicy taste and I forget to take the whole pancake photo because we were busy eating!!

Beef BBQ!!

Another Pancake, PAJEON RM20 - Korean Spring Onion Pancake,the original taste of pancake from KOREAN!! hehe

Then suddenly here come a super big pot of KIMCHI SOUP~~ It is still boiling and HOT!! At first they just put one noodle inside but they add another one inside to satisfied our hungry stomach, Teeheee.

BOO DAE ZZI GYE RM40(S) - Soup with noodle, sausage, kimchi and vege. I can't stop drink the soup because it was super 开胃~ wahaha 

Pork BBQ~~This taste the best among the BBQ meat =D

SOJU RM25 per bottle - KOREAN beer LOL!! hehe I did drink one small sip,the taste is super strong than the normal beer/wine you can taste!!@.@

I always like to eat like this!! BBQ meat with fresh Vege, of cause the meat should dip with their korean special sauce that will be the PERFECT taste ever!!

Beside the good food we can eat at BEE WON, Stephanie even bought honeydew for us and the boss is so kind cut the honey dew for us =D So sweet taste,thanks Stephanie!

After all the good food and fruits, we also have DESSERT from Justin~ He buy it at the korean shop nearby. The taste of this Ice-cream is not too sweet instead the taste of the sweet honey dew that is so NAISE to eat!!

Selca of our ice-cream =D

2nd round Yumcha should be in a nice and warm place but the cafe close around 10pm so we have to change to another place to Jalan Pahang MCD =D

Trying their blueberry pie =P The blueberyy was melted in my mouth once I eat the pie!!so Delicious~~ It was hot also ya!!hehe

That's all for my Monday Night out with my babes  KOREAN FOOD 万岁~~ Gonna blog another food post soon xD

For more info about Bee Won Korean BBQ Restaurant:

B5-1-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/2, 
One Ampang Business Avenue,
 Taman Ampang Utama, Ampang, 
68000, Kuala Lumpur

03-4256 8573 / 03-4256 8576/ 017-686 9953



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