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Quite some time didn't blog about food post!! Guess you guys must be hungry and craving food in my blog xD Okay, Today will be blog about KOREAN FOOD!! Guess I never fail to feel bored of having Korean food or Japanese food~ haha. Their food never fail to disappoint me with my taste bud! haha Here's one Korean Restaurant just near to my house. Since there are so many college students and new shop is coming at my housing area so that will be many good food waiting for me to go try ^-^ 

This is a new Korean Restaurant, Surawon BBQ just located behind PV128 if you are happen to be at Setapak. It's still a new shop I can't find their correct address though. When we first went inside this Korean dining, the design quite WOW us because the environment is so ambiance and relaxing .

The menu of the restaurant, Looks so classy and the menu is quite a thick wan!!

The cover page.

Our 五花肉 on the BBQ plate.

Ta dang, all our side dish and the main dish. Didn't actually order much but when the side dish come, we were quite surprise because it was A LOT!! haha

This is how after cooked 五花肉looks like~ But the taste is super JENG because the meat was BBQ until ngam ngam and is so fresh!!

We did order another dish that we both love so much! That is beef soup with glass noodle, soup is one that we MUST order when we eat =D haha We even ask them to refill the soup for us~ haha. Glass noodle is so nice together with the beef soup. Except the beef maybe cook too long is not very Q to bit =D

#1 Couple selca~~

#2 Couple selca

#3 Cute pose again just me =P

Super love bibiii big hand!!

This is where we sit, is a behind corner because we find some private place for private time! hehe

A sit place corner, for a more koreanish style xD

The counter design with a super feel korean view. Super love this wall of design xD

The first part of the customer seat. There is a big tv too about korean show.

You need to take out your shoes when you want to sit here =D

Can you see someone head in this photo? xD

They have the photo of Korean view and culture on the wall.

Basically the yummy rank of this restaurant is 7/10
The price is quite reasonable but if you are not working is encourage you to bring your friends here. It's still more suitable for people who are working. Gonna try their other BBQ dish again! Because is their specialty wad!! haha

Really can't find their address so if you really wanted to go their restaurant you can search for PV128 for the address. It's just located behind PV128 =D



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