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It's FLYDAY today!! =D It's my last day at of school days, but instead I am not at my own school. Quite sad and disappoint too but no choice jo 

So I am still working until 3pm at other school but own school is having 特假. Never mind abit heavy feeling but I still manage to have relax time at school LOL. Back to topic, today will post about my adventure at The Country Pet Hotel =D No doubt, is a pet shop by the way. But there is just one super JENG thing about this pet shop that will attract you to this place!! I took a lot of photo on that evening and I felt so happy about the date with the pet and my darling~ This pet shop already opened for 2 years but the so call Cat Cafe just opened for 3 months only. How did I know about this place? Because I am a fan of Facebook, just so ngam I bump into some one facebook and saw they intro this cafe =D

Here start our super relaxing and sweet jounery with the CATS =D

The signboard doesn't looks like a cafe though. xD

Ohh..we start to saw the sign =D Cat Cafe - A cafe for Cats & Theraphy.

I simply like their design, so like foreign country shop xD

But its still basically is still a pet shop, so there are also pet grooming service provided!

So here's a corner of the cafe, cute photos of cats, and welcome board!

The RM14.90 is provided with drinks and bottomless chips. You can still relaxing with the cost and enjoying your break time =D

Interior design - The front part, with Tv, photos and details of the pets!

The back part of the design, The fake wigs and the wish card left by the customer =D

There is really proven that Cat is enable to calm and boost our mood! There is 5 advantages when you spend just 15 minutes of quality times with Cats!!

Their pet food menu.

There is also some hygiene rules you have to follow, because its the cat hygiene we need to take care =D Firstly we need to wash our hand with hand sanitizer and we need to wear their special shoe before went into the cafe ~ 

Not to forget mention, They even got meal set RM19.90 with one main dish and one drinks. With bottomless chips too!!

My fish and chips!! The taste of the chips is quite nice also!! =D Love the cat pick made by the owner of the shop.

The drinks and the bottomless chips. I keep eat the chips non-stop. Because our seats is at the coffee table not the dining table, cat can easily climb out. It's not encouraged to let them eat our foods, but the cat seems to like our food =p We actually have to finish our food first before we play with the cats xD

Now its our photo time, looks like babe darling also love to play with the cats!!

We even buy cat's snack to fed them.

There is just one blur cat who always let us carry and hug de. xD It's name is MOCHA!!

But Mocha just don't want to look to the camera when I always wanted to take photo with Mocha. =(

This cat name Beyonce super love people brush her and sayang her =D

Close and stick with me.


Mocha got the innocent look and super big eye. I know only know 卷耳猫咪, this species of cat. Their ears are just too cute to resist!! 

Love the snack!!

Lazy mocha~

Enjoying Beyonce =D

This is snowvy!!

After snack , Mocha start to feel sleepy and when back to her cage and zzz. 

This is Latte, is the same born sister and brother with Mocha xD Darling most loved cat xD He say because Latte is more fun and active so he love to play with him. haha

More photo of cats~~


Cats video. #1

Cats video. #2

We stay there for 1 hour and half. The cats is too cute and we are so 不舍得 to leave. Although my darling is a dog lover but he also fall in love with the cats! Teehee, so happy because can introduce 1 super awesome place to my darling. We just simply feel so wonderful because we have spend our evening pakthor time with the cats! hehe. I really can feel the cat therapy, it's really makes our mood and the atmosphere so peace and fun! I just remember when we went in, I was like OMG the cats are sososo cute!!

I'm so gonna went there again~~ Wait for me ya MOCHA~~~



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