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Food blogging again! This time is not about Korean or Japan food already is Vietnam Cuisuine!! Is really random on which food or which restaurant we usually went. We usually went out to shopping or movie, if not we just stay home and rest. Place to eat is one of a tough question we have to face it every day LOL. Sometimes its still depends on where we hang out and we decide where we should eat!! Last Tuesday(Awal Muharam) we went to Sungai Wang, we shop for my cloths and handphone cases. We do bought some nice cloths and even shoes on that day!! Super happy, we also..I also wanted to sing K at WOW Kbox, but we just simply felt so tired we head back home after having a nice dinner =D

Selca of myself =D

#OOTD I am wearing a casual top with my daisy shorts I always love it!! Wearing heels is because I have quite some time didn't wear high heels already. Since I am wearing a casual outfit when you wear heels the look will be more pretty lol =D

In da fitting room, sorry because I just can't stop selca myself in the fitting room!!  Guess which fitting room i am in, H&M LOL!! hahaha I keep telling my darling I wanted to shop H&M at Lot 10 because this is the biggest H&M. I can choose many cloths ma =D

My act cute pose again LOL, I did make up today with a tiny eyeliner only, just wanted to make my eye looks more 精神 lol. hahas

Haven't start my food topic but keep spamming my own photo and couple selca!


After shopping quite some time, we didn't find any handphone cases or buy any things lol!! But we did feel hungry and started to look for a nice restaurant. We just bump into a new cafe that is VNH city, it is a Vietname Cuisine. I never really resist other country food, but Vietnam food is definitely quiet a special wan!! 

Darling dish, Beef Ball noodles. Vietnamese always love to eat vegetables, it is one of their must food to eat everyday. That is why Vietnam people live in a very healthy lifestyle.  

BEEF NOODLE SOUP RM10 - The soup was very nice and fresh taste, their beef is super Q and nice!! 

There suppose to be 2 taufu dish for us to choose, The fried taufu or wet taufu. It's so hard to choose becauseboth the dish looks so tasty!! But we justchoose one of them~

 BEANCURD TAUFU (Chicken, Grassnoodle, fungus) RM8 - No doubt the taufu is super delicious!! Although is looks like curry, but is not the sauce is very 开胃, not spicy at all but is more on sweet and salty taste. The 料 inside the taufu is so full and delicious because mostly the 料 also my favourite.=D

Heres come my dish, I actually spend quite some time to choose which food I should eat =P

CRAB & PRAWN NOODLE SOUP - RM12 The soup is special wan!I super love the soup, it contain the crab and prawn taste inside the noodle~~super JENG!! and both Crab and Prawn is one my favorite seafood~ The Crab meat and Prawn is so big and juicy~!! The noodle is is so smooth~

Couple Selca after our dinner=D

The main door design =D

You can eat all of these meal just below RM10!! =D

Level 3,
Sungai Wang, Kuala Lumpur

Because its still new in Sungai Wang, I just gt their address =P
But the meal was really worth to try~ Many people say that place was truly recommended =D Thanks darling once again accompany me to shopping although we are a bit tired and unprepared to go gai gai xD Since it was a holiday today, I was accompany my mummy to go buy her new handphone. Darling was having lunch with his friend we meet up after we gao dim everything =P

That's all for my Vietnam Cuisine post =D



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