My last day at Penang, there is just one food you can't miss when you are at Penang that is their PENANG LAKSA. Suppose we are going to some other temples today but as Christian is not that I don't want to see but is just I feel uneasy when I am at that place. Is better that we don't photo of Buddha also, so I am a very good girl who loves God very much. hehes!

The last destination of the day is at 极乐寺. Although I am not very keen to see how was the temple looks like but everyone have to go down from the bus lol. The tourist introduce us to have this place famous Penang laksa here. So here we are.

Is own by this old man. This stall is just beside the main road.

No joke, there is already has a lots of people when is just 11:30am~~

Seats are limited!!

But you can have a seat on the opposite of the 大排档, there got other food stalls also!

Tourist introduce this ABC dessert also!! So nice!! We share among 3 of us with the girls!!

Finally the famous Penang Laksa is here!

You can saw that the fish meat cut until so small basically the 料 all are focus on the middle of the laksa. RM4 per bowl I super love the sauce he mixed with the laksa. The red chili is not spicy at all ya~~ Basically I'm still okok with laksa because I don't like the smelly food inside laksa such as the onion and the mint leaves. But since is the famous food in Penang, is a MUST try! =D

After lunch we start to walk around the area. Supposingly there is a Cart to up to the 极乐寺 but there will be a lots of people so as we walk along the street we found a shortcut to walk up!

Old house

Walking along the shop. We shop for 豆蔻油, some souviniers and cookies also!

Here's the shortcut, at first we saw it don't know where will it bring us to.

Photo of us before went in! hehe

Inside is place where many stalls of selling Souveniers inside! I bought a lot here ==, 1 couple tee with my darling and I love Penang street art also! You know right we always search for I love xxx cloths when we are in trip together, hahas!

I use quite a lot of time to climb because of my leg muscle pain!! lol Saw all these cute little tortoise here! I didn't climb to the temple. I know the view from up there is very nice because you will be able to watch whole Penang view from there. 

We start our journey at 2pm and reach Kl around 6:30pm. I think everyone is tired so just sleep in the bus. Because the Laksa we actually having it too early until we are all so hungry half way back LOL! I still manage to have 2 pau when the bus stop at the rest area! haha

Whole body ache and the next day my SABAH, KOTA KINABALU trip is waiting for me~~



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