Christmas is just around the corner and have you made up your mind for your own Christmas present or prepare any present for your friends. This year The Butterfly Project  is collaborating with Hermo to grant the wishes of lucky butterflies come true through a Christmas Wish Chapter. I feel so happy and excited because Santa Hermo is going to grant one of the lucky butterflies CHRISTMAS WISH come true!!

If only someone could grant my wishes for me this Christmas.....

There would be SANTA HERMO!!

Wonder what will be my wish be my wish list to Santa Hermo?

Or are you guys ready for Christmas? I do see a lots of Christmas decorations in many shopping center even shops as well!! My mum even start packing for Christmas Present and The Christmas tree is out at my house xD

Let me think for a second...

This very Christmas , I wish Santa Hermo can give me this present as my CHRISTMAS GIFT!!

PureHeals Centella 80 Eye Cream

I always facing dark eye circles issues, T.T It already disturb me for quite some time and I can't really have a really effective produce to help me reduce the dark eye circles. I hope that I can try and have a better of knowledge about other Eye care product =D.

This product The functional eye cream contains 80% Centella Asiatica extracts providing nutrition to damaged skin, while tightening and brightening the skin.

You guys can even purchase it on their WEBSITE because they are having Christmas Promo now. You can now purchase it  only AT RM69.50 Instead Of RM 139! Pureheals Centella Eye Cream You save another RM69.50 for buying it now~ 50% Discount!

Now Hermo not only just give you one gift but you can choose and browse and make a wish list worth up to RM80 on any products you set your lovely eyes upon. You can link it to the product page. Your wish list can be one item or combine just make it between RM80 I decided to add on one super cute mask I found at Hermo!

Ta-dang, super cute mask right!! haha Just suite for me because I always want to have an eye mask. Just feel like doing a GIF because it was like, if you didn't try their panda eye mask your eye will be so tired and puffy but After you apply the eye mask for 20 minutes your eyes will be energetic and looks brighter!!

Do you notice even I am acting cute in this photo still my eye bag cam be seem T.T I have a dark circle Panda eye and puffy eye bag.!!

This White Panda Eye Mask come with a combo pack at only RM5.90 instead of RM6.90!! I read the review of this eye mask and the results and review is very good. So I hope that I can have a try and apply this mask to improve my eye bag 

If you interested to join this Christmas with Santa Hermo, you can start by liking The Butterfly Project - Beauty Blogger!! They have many blog activities for some blogger outside like me =D Register yourself because it's open for all to join!!


25th - 14th Dec: Create your Wish List on blog 
17th - 24th Dec: Santa Hermo grants wishes!

Don't forget to join and Santa Hermo will visit your blog & grant lucky butterflies wishes this Christmas!

Lastly here a little CHRISTMAS GIF I do for this coming event!

I love my nails and hair color, thanks to my darling for my early CHRISTMAS PRESENT!! 

Thanks so much for this pressie, super love you because you grant my wishes like my Santa Claus. I feel so glad and grateful because knowing you is the greatest and happiest things in my life. I want to love and be with you forever!! 永远爱你不够呀~~ 

Any idea what should I buy for his Christmas pressie??



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