Part two of the post, it will be the second part of the Expo. Don't look down on this expo because I feel it was quite big. The part 1 with the 100 secret gadget of Doraemon pose I already super exhausted because I pose non stop and darling take photo non stop. For me, I keep complain to darling, can we just choose some nice wan only take photo ah? He told me, you just pose simple then will be fast like this comfort me. Haha

I think we took the 100 photos with figurine quite fast because when we went out for toilet and went inside again you can still saw people you have met when you first went it = = Wonder how long they need to take for the 100 figurine pose xD haha We spend 1 hour for the first part. Second part of the expo will be more into the life of Nobita.

Love the glass window design, you guys know where you see these kind of glass door design?

In a wedding lar of cause! haha So inside this small wedding church, you can find Shizuka and Nobita wedding here! haha We did ask someone to help us take this sweet photo of us xD

After the wedding part, here's come the comic part of Doraemon series. Know this? is the 空气炮~ Sorry ya because I basically just watch the Chinese version of Doraemon series xD

More comic drawing of Doraemon Secret Gadget!

All these six is the example of Doraemon comic with color. From the guide book its say is about Doraemon long comic story 小叮当长篇漫画. Have you guys read any of the Doraemon long comic story? I think I have read all of the long comic story and I super LOVE their story. I remember when I was small I always read their comic and I start to know Doraemon is from their long comic story! 

More of the comic scenes.

I not sure what this stack of books are for...?haha POSING! yeah~haha

Comic version of the door.

When I look back to this photo and realize that I have pose wrongly, this wan is to walk inside and became small right or bigger? haha

This want to 缩小电筒

The 3rd part of the expo. Doraemon and Nobita neighbourhood. Start with Nobita father and mother.

Suneo's Mother.

Walking at the neighbourhood.

Not sure who is this, forget already. Do anyone know?

At the Park.

Remember this pipe? Where Nobita always hide inside when Gian looking for him! haha

Found Shizuka statue! I think She always change her outfit want, just we choose her favorite pink color outfit ma! hehe

Not forget Gian has the voice of GIANT with his singing is going to kill our ears~~~ >.<

With his gigantic ultra voice of singing = =

Found Suneo again~ with peace pose.

And Gian with his muscle pose.

With my "Mummy"

Pity Nobita always loves to cry on his granny lap when he is bully by Gian.

Found this cute cat, Doraemon loves it! haha

Got this chop when you need to went out for a toilet break! haha Just for 1 time only~

Playing with the Air Gun.

Wearing Take Copter 竹蜻蜓 and fly with Doraemon and friends!

This is Hidetoshi who is very good in study and I think Shizuka kinda love to be with him. haha

I hope I didn't get it wrong, is this the Headmaster? haha

Love my pose in this photo, shouldn't I try to comfort them instead of posing like this!?

Jaiko, Gian's younger sister.

Have you seen this Telephone stand at Doraemon Comic, I think I have? but really can't recall it! hehe

Parallela Umbrella.

Wishing well. haha

Gian and Jaiko's Mummy. Looks real but is not ya. haha

I think everyone have this problem lo, the glasses is too big until it's block our nose and its make us looks weird xD

What Doraemon saw!? His own son and Dorami!

Love this!!

Me and the famous memory bread.

You have the chance to hold and use it! haha So cute~

Wireless talk box with Doraemon, hello hello?

Love the inside, glowing in the dark. 

100 year of Doraemon.

With Gian's statue.

After that, you will find a small merchandise are for you to grab exclusive Doraemon stuffs! Rm34++

The smaller wan cost RM24++ too!

Here is the merchandise I wanted to grab it home! haha

Love all the gradient color of each Doraemon Plushie!!

From this part onwards, I will be taking some funny photo with my church friends who joining us later than us! They are so fast and we decided to take some funny photo together xD

I think a bit wrong angle haha. Why lar, I think I am bigger than Pamela! haha

The 3 leng luis.

The Bro- mance xD

We sweet couple lar! haha

With my friends.

Just saw this after we finish the shooting!! haha So cute and so I decided to pose on it. No joke, the crowd that day was overwhelming. Darling say the Facebook page of Doraemon Malaysia always say there are always many people come and visited! As usual, you have to line up and wait for your turn to take photo lar, don't rush be patient! haha. 

Lastly, thanks Pamela, Allecia and Chew Aun for joining us too! haha

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