Hi peeps, Here one blog post I need to write before Christmas. I usually busy during weekends because is the time when I am available to be with my darling. haha So today is 23rd my first day of leave. Just finish the shooting at Pavilion at the morning. The time is quite pack for us because my darling got things to do during afternoon. But everything is perfectly done ya, hope can finish the photos before 25th ya.

This whole week is my holiday week and the school start in just 9 days I guess~ 

I really can't think much Christmas Wishlist because basically I already got what I want in my LIFE that is my DARLING. But That is the present I already received ya, hahas! 

Have you thought of every season of the year you would need a pair of sun glasses protect you from the UV light from the sun!? Because sun does not rest but everyday early in morning it will rise up and shine till your butt! haha

Or even can add on for your look of your day. You know sunglasses can make your outfit looks more chic and fashionable because you looks more like a star~ 

In Malaysia, you will be facing strong Sunlight 365 day because we are in Asia Country without the Four Season like other Europe Country LOL. The sun is also a unseen killer to our skin and eye, since we got sunblock to protect our skin what about our eye? That's why we need a sunglasses ready to protect our eye from harmful UV!

I choose 2 sunglasses 1 is for my MUMMY and another 1 is for my DARLING!! My darling always wanted a sunglasses for himself, you know right want to be more cool ma xDD As for my mum, she didn't wear sunglasses because she is wearing glasses! But I still want to choose 1 for her lar, haha!

I choose Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal for my darling because he prefer black and he love sun glasses with these kind of design! I bet this will suit him perfectly!


I choose this for my mummy, because of the Leopard design I bet this will make my dear mummy looks so FASHIONABLE! hahas

Lastly the Coach bag, I love it when I see it at Pavilion store because it is PURPLE~~~~~ Looks so class and elegant~~ I already mention that I have everything for my Christmas! But this Coach Silverback Violet Madison bag will be in my small small wishlist. hehe

Worry you can't get these super fashionable SUNGLASES?? Don't worry because you can get these SUNGLASSES from

They are selling 100% original brand sunglasses, glasses and even contact lenses! They even provide free-delivery and free 30 days return if you are not satisfied. They selling in a reasonable price so don't hesitate and click on their website to start shop for the cool SUNGLASSES for your loves one =D



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