Sweet Christmas Santa

Thursday, December 26, 2013 in
Merry Christmas, HO HO HO! Another year of Christmas is coming soon~ Just like I say I am holiday this whole week and my schedule is full of activities!! Too many photos wait for me to edit..zzz.. Can't wait to share with you guys!! This year Christmas is kinda my BEST Christmas ever, hahas! I am blessed with many joy, loves and PRESENT!! I love celebrating Christmas with friends, family and with GOD. 

Okay back to topic, I really felt so happy I can have my Santa shoot with my darling, is my first time though. We actually meet some obstacle when we want to shoot this theme. We suppose to do it on 21st of December but my darling left my make up box at some place and we only can take it the next morning at 10++am. My darling kinda disappointing and can't believe he can left my make up stuff there, lol. We did it on Monday lor, then my darling need to be at lawyer firm at 12:30pm. We suppose to shoot Christmas theme at 1 Utama but when we reach there. Darling say the Christmas decoration is not enough, that time is 10am. We quickly rush to Pavilion and reach there bout 10:45am. Our time of shooting is quite limit and challenging because there will be a lot of people and time is limited!

But everything went well and shoot it successfully!! 

Here start my Christmas shooting at Pavilion by my darling boy!!


#2 I kinda love this as if some other photographer is shooting me as well, and my leg look so SLIM xD wahaha


#4 I love the gate with the gold maple leaves =D

#5 Bii is trying low angle shot for me.

#6 At this time, many people is here! I even being requested to take photo with a foreigner family! haha
So paiseh~~~###

#7 Love this shining feel from the Christmas tree!

#8 I love my Santa Dress xD

#9 Being playing with this HUGE gold jingle bell~haha

#10 Like maybe act CUTE!?

#11 or smile?

#12 I even KISS it!! hahahas

#13 I love another Christmas tree at pavilion~ White Christmas tree ~~

#14 White White Christmas feel~


#16 Side angle

#17 I really love hows my baby help me take photo until so pretty!!

#18 The Gate.

#19 Playing pose with the gate again.

#20  Dreamy feel?

#21 Love my pose and being shoot until so sweet look! hahas


#23 Love the light above my head, My darling capture it until like this de~hahaha (why lar..my hand ==)

#24 Some sexy pose lol! hehe


#26 Love the Christmas light!

#27 My TOP favorite, so red so cute! The composition is SUPERB!! hahas


#29 The crowds start to coming and we just quickly take photo only. 

#30 With the cute Polar Bear!

#31 I'm so loving it! haha

#32 Outside Pavilion already.

#33 With the Big MOON Line doll again! With Christmas theme!

#34 With cute CONY~

#35 Santa hor??

#36 Line Christmas Tree!! hehe

#37 With brown that is SO CUTE! My cuteness also not bad what~~hahaha xD

Thanks you for my SPECIAL DARLING that is always my photographer, my boyfriend and my lover! So happy to know him to fall in love with him. It is my pleasure to knowing him in my life. You know, Not Perfect + Not Perfect = PERFECT COUPLE!! hehe Although we still have a long way to go, we will continue to love and know each other more and more =D



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