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Just bump into The Butterfly Project facebook and notice that start the Chapter 6: Blogging for Charity. Since is a no guide blog post and instead is a post of Charity and words I want to deliver to you all.

This time Natta Cosme is having a charity project collaborating with The Butterfly project. As you guys know that Philippines is having a tough time because they have attack by Typhoon just last few week. Newspaper is having their news for a few days and everyday you can see faces of children suffer after the Typhoon. I always wanted to do charity to children from other poor country. Because they are so innocent to suffer all the hardship from this tough world. I even received mails requested us to donate to Philippines after the Typhoon attack. Even my schools is asking for donation from students and teacher to Philippines.

The world is just such a cruel world that not everyone is living a luxury and wonderful life. They are just too poor to provide education or sending their kids to school. Mostly in other poor country, kids start to work from very small age and have to start to take care of their family younger sister and brother. It's such a burden for them because they are just to small and young to face the cruelty of the world. Some even too poor to have 3 proper meal per day. They will facing death and sickness because lack of nutrition and clean water.

Malaysia can such be such a lucky country because in Malaysia we didn't face any world disaster or any world war like Philippines and Japan. We still live a very happily life in Malaysia and other country country like Philippines suffer from Typhoon attack, Bangkok Tsunami and Protester. This will cause many problems even to children. The government need to have enough money to build up their country economic. Because the disaster just destroy everything that they have. So we as a happily and luckily Malaysian should give some helping hand to them! If online shopping can help them, WHY NOT!?

How to help? 

Natta Cosme is giving 100% of the proceeds from selling their products to charity. You can choose to just donate a RM10 amount or do a charity purchase where the product listed as "charity" is available for purchase and the purchase money will go to charity. 

What you'll get?

For customer who make purchase/donate in this category entitle to get Natta Cosme Chinese New Year angpau pockets for FREE. While stock last.

Of cause your donation will be HEART by the Victims at Philippines  Don't hesitated and trust me your help will be appreciated!

To Philippines Victim

Do not worry and stay strong! We are ready to help and support you all. Hope everything is okay and helping hands are always here whenever you all needed =D



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