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Hi peeps, since last time I post my sets collage style with glasses with the Gucci GG 3579 pink retro sunglasses. I do style other sunglasses from Glassesonline as well! Sorry for a late post here, haha. Due to Chinese New Year I have delay this post until now only I update. This time glasses is Gucci brand as well but is more to casual and chic look with the glasses. You can wear it to your college, day out with your friend or even to work as well! 

Ta dang~ Gucci Gucci GG 1005 807 frame glasses! My post last time is more on Hows and What Glassesonline work and sell. This time I will be more on Gucci glasses. Ever wonder why Gucci GG 1005 807 glasses is much more class and elegant look?

Gucci is an iconic Italian fashion label founded in Florence in 1921. Today, Gucci is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. Gucci pervade a unique mix of modernity and heritage. These Gucci GG 1005 807 are the perfect choice for those looking for trendy and fashionable eyewear solutions. Its black, rectangular, full-rim frame is specially tailored for men and is perfect for both oval and round-like faces. The material, acetate, provides a lightweight and resistant solution to your selected eyewear. Buy your pair of Gucci GG 1005 807 sunglasses today and receive a free cleaning cloth and protective case.

You see, so many benefit by wearing this glasses? When I read this and for men huh!? Why don't I try it for lady style? So I came out with 3 different style and look using this glasses, I did try to create a man style for this glasses as well. Polyvore mostly have a lots of female fashion set than guy one. My darling even told me that most of the glasses is for unisex so it does not matter also lar. But I believe some design of the glasses are actually more suitable for man also.

Polka Dots + PINK!

My first style is more on Pink and Girlish style. Style it with cute pinafore and PINK! I always love polka dots because it makes the look more fashion and cute. I guess I always love cute stuff lol. I do add on some silver accessories to make the look more balance between the color. I much love butterfly and purposely choose 2 accessories from Alexander Queen. Don't want whole look just with Pink color also. I love the sneakers as well! Although I don't have sneakers but the sneakers will bring more young and sporty look!

Maybe you can wear it to college, don't have to be just dull and dark color to college instead add some young and bright color to your look! 

A Flower Horse

The second look is I use it to join the Horse Year look competition and Horse Year is my inspiration for this whole look. A bit of Chinese New Year feel and Horse Year feel, haha! The shirt is with horse pattern so cute right and pair it with rose white flare skirt. I love the skirt so much because the color is so striking and I love the flower pattern a lot! The boots, the necklace and the charm is from the contest also to suit the theme of this contest. I did spice up overall look with red lips and natural eye shadow.

I mad love the riding boots its so CHIC and kinda make the look more fashionable. The handbag I purposely find a handbag with fringe and is more to maroon red color. Fringe bag is more on a cowboy style too! Overall I love this style more and it can be casual hangout look with friends or even to work!

Monochrome with red

The last style I made it more to formal, monochrome style and add a bit red make to the overall look. I think I am madly in love with boots haha! I wonder I should get one myself! I was thinking what should accessories I should match the outfit. I go for silver swarovski jewelry that I always admire Swarovski diamond so bling and pretty! I think it can spice the overall style to work. A elegant watch and bag from Gucci! Purposely choose a gucci bag with gucci glasses xD

Is a headache when come to make up, what should I apply with monochrome style? I finally came to a conclusion of red lol! haha Hope to make the look more energetic and sharp with red lips, eye shadow and nail polish.

Casual with formal

Lastly a make coordinate outfit with the glasses! A very simple yet cool coordinate. A lil blue with black and white. haha! Because at polyvore male fashion cloths is a bit limit but still I manage to create a simple coordinate with the Gucci glasses! I actually love the hat a lot a lil like Bruno Mars feel already with the cute bow tie some more. haha! The shirt is very simple but I like the design of it, a lil polka dots and the black color is just in the right place lol! haha

Hope you guys love my coordinate and style with Gucci GG 1005 807 at Glassesonline.


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