Hi all!! Now I want to introduce another nice place for photoshoot also! Hope you guys like my Doraemon post that I just finish lately. Now I am going to introduce another place as well, this place I saw it at facebook. I just bump into their facebook place and find that this place is very interesting! I just tell my darling why don't we headed to that place so that I can have another nice place to tell my readers! =D

This place is full with 3D's Art on the wall, all were draw on the wall. I quite like their work because it was really quite 3D and looks real enough! haha. I always love to visit places and have fun with taking photo. I think I'm quite addict with it and I got one perfect boyfie as my photographer la. =D teehee

Here start my post

When we first reached our parking, we just saw this our first drawing on the wall.. I am not tall enough to really sleep on the pillow right. xD

Where am I actually? Located 5 minutes away from Taman Equine, I am at the Atmosphere is a cluster of retail lots that will soon be occupied with specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, offices, restaurants and banks. Now it is open to public especially those who love art and enjoy posing creatively with 80 pieces of mural artworks done by 20 talented artists. 

Purple Ladder - The another 3D block drawing just opposite the carpark area. At first when I reach there, I thought there will be no one gua? But who knows man people is there start to take photos with the drawing. But seriously the place was quite big and there are 20 artist with 80 drawings in this building. I was like..how am I gonna look for 80 drawings lol? 

The EPIC floor - The super laboratory 

Let's FLY AWAY - Or fly and sit on the rocket xD

Floor Invader - Found an airship on the floor.. start to shoot lo!! haha

The War Girl - Another cool drawing and I tried to act like her xD

Pixel Soldier

Yellow Pixar monster - This was so cool! I love how its actually look so 3D!

Air floating fantasy - I start to move another block and there is more of the drawing! haha No worries, eventually if you start from the middle you will get 1 map about all the drawings located! That day is quite a sunny day for us. 

Vespa - Why am I so short! but no kidding is looks like actually a motorbike! 

Jatuh la Jatuh - or falling books! omg~~

Alpha Dwart - Guess what I found behind the door..opps

Let's join them to the " PINK " world.

Am I trying to climb up or pull him down? haha

Mini Car - Is a real car infront okay. Love this, when you reached this place the first super BIG drawing you can see is this ok!

Champagne at The Atmosphere? 

A lots of books!

Giraffe - I wish I can get that ticket too!!

Roti Uncle - Free bread! haha

Selling drink uncle - opps//sorry~~

Roti Canai Man - I know I am not good at making Roti Canai** haha

Love this pose!

The Grin Monster - OMG, a monster! Spray it~ I mean kill it haha

Peace for the pose!

The Banner of the event. You can get your map for the drawings location just here..yeah..somewhere here xD

Alice in Wonderland ( A Mad Tea Party) - Sitting like a boss here and with my 奶茶 troll!! haha (saw it1?)

Out from a trunk!?

Here I come to the second floor of the place, so don't forget to head up for more! Lrt?

A waterfall.

Trying to help a man inside?

And I bump into a old railway station. hahas

Darling Candid shot. I drinking my 奶茶 until so CHIO! wtf and I decide to do it in GIF lol! 

Omg, looks like the humming bird is flying out~~

Climbing up to the trunk.

Dancing like a doll.

Playing piano like a pros? haha

Ok, its time to save the world!

Not by covering the eyes of Ultraman horr!!

Try to relax yourself in this super huge snake games!? haha

Guess what.. is toilet..what? wait.. Is the tree trying to grow among this building!! 

Wait there, I am coming for you~ 

I feels like wanted to go up!

Alice in the wonderland? cute rabbit!

Telephone booth.

Not sure what I am trying to do.

Creating a GIF with few candid shots by my darling boy.

Alice in the wonderland part 2.

OMG!! I'm shrinking~~

Trying to hold her but I guess it fail ==

How about met up with a beautiful mermaid...

and a Catterpillar ~!?

The rainbow stairs

This really looks so cool!! 3D stairs like in a Galaxy?

 There are more drawings ya..I'm not sure how many drawings I actually took photo with. But I know that I haven't took all the 80 drawings yet, you can count how many drawings I took with in this post though xD haha 

So there is the first robot ( that are not in this picto!) asking, Where is our father?
The middle is like , I AM YOUR FATHER!!
The another was, NOOO~~~~ !!!?? It can't be..we need to find our REAL father..lol

There are many drawings located on each different shops and block. So you can just drive and look for the drawings lar. But make sure you don't do it on a hot sunny day because the place is quite big and need at least 1 hour to explore looking for the drawings!

Why it is having 80 drawings at the Atmosphere? Because there is this small ArtSphere Cafe here! Do drop by if you are here! It's just located 2nd floor and you can find it easily when you reach 2nd floor by the middle ya.

Our couple selfiee~~

My OOTD. I love my Penang Street Art top xD

I guess I went visit the place is on the 冬至 itself! haha Guess how long I have postponed this post!! SERIOUSLY! Because I wanted to finish my Christmas post before 2013 end. But don't worry because Artsphere will be until FEBRUARY 2014 and if you think you are a 3D Arts lover do drop by at Artsphere at Sri Kembangan, the Atmosphere =D


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  1. hi, actually the artsphere 20/8ty mural will open to public for a very long time. until now, do not have any expired period.