Back to food post for now, is just a simply food blog. Since last Tuesday is public holiday due to (don't know who birthday lar) so our cg is having some programme for today. We will be playing badminton in the morning and cg in the evening lastly we be having a wonderful dinner gathering at Jalan Pudu restaurant.

Our day is fill with meaningful activities, I am not a good badminton player but after few times train by my darling boy I think my badminton now should be able to catch up, haha. But my darling and some of the guys are playing super hardcore badminton. Girls is just having badminton fun + sport lol. Lunch we eat quite simply because we have to prepare our stomach for super nice food for dinner.

We are having a nice cg gathering at Justin's house. Ended our Cg at 7pm and headed for our dinner place for the night. I not sure how our dai gor Justin find out this restaurant but when I search on the web is look like Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in KL. Since year 1948, it is now still standing still, serving their customers with lots of good legendary dishes and dishes full with 古早味. I was like wahh, no wonder we meet up with some uncle there and ask how come we youngster know this old restaurant with GOOD food! haha

Our first dish with ROASTED DUCK!? Did I mention that I really love roasted duck!! Because of the roasted skin is super super delicious and their meat as well. Their meat will be more 有嚼劲 Don't forget their in house’s sour plum sauce.

  Kwai Fa Chi or known as Stir fried sharks fin with egg. Many of us love this dish and this dish is one of their specialty. 

You will have to eat it with lettuce and add some vinegar it will be AWESOME!

Vege is a must!

Love their Ku Lou Yok, we finish it in the first round and ordering another plate for second round! nom nom~

Chicken, not eating it because I less eat meat with BONE! hehe (lazy)

2nd Vege! This old restaurant cook their food with fire-wood. We just noticed when we go to our car behind the restaurant! I was like woah, I love food cooked with fire-wood and charcoal, frankly speaking the food will taste so much nicer because it will remain the original taste of the food. 

Finally some of us waiting this Yu Tou Kou Rou for some time! haha

See the layer of each fats and meat!! I was super drool and eat quite a lot of the kou rou so chewy and NAISEEEE~~

Old and chillax restaurant, suitable for family and relatives to enjoy family dinner with some 古早味!

Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant
313-1, Jalan Pudu, KL (non-air conditioned)
315, Jalan Pudu KL (air conditioned)
Tel: +603 9222 0903 / +603 9222 9457 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, if you haven't decide where to bring your family to a good place for dinner!? Book here and you can enjoy a good and enjoyable dinner with your family =D

Couple selfie!

With Michelle dearie

Our Anakainos group photo! Hope to have more gathering, 2014 indeed is a good year to start off! Many new things need to be catch up and learn. Hope our friendship remains and never will end~ hoho



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