Hola, hope I can start My DORAEMON post before 2013 ends, but somehow I have too much photo to edit and I will separate to few post. I try to minus down the photo I uploaded here and if you guys want to see full album you have to go through my facebook =D haha

When did I went to this expo? is on the BOXING DAY! We wake up quite early because we scare jam and too many people went to the expo and we can't take many photos de! But when we reach before 10am there already have poeple waiting outside to went in. As for the ticket ya, no worries you can buy it on the ticket counter at VIVA HOME! So ya, The Doraemon expo is at Viva Home. When will the expo end? It will be until 23rd of March 2014, Means you will have 2 months and a half time to plan to go there! haha

Start with the big blue doraemon board!

A Yellow wan with ears~

Do you guys know this gadget? It's called memory bread =D

The entrance.

At first you guys will pass through the 时光隧道 just like Doraemon! haha

Why Doraemon cry here?

If you can read behind the story then you understand how Doraemon has missing ears and why did he afraid of mouse!? It is because the robot mouse accidentally munch away doraemon ears and since that day Doraemon was afraid of mouse!

How about a Blue Doraemon when It is suppose to be yellow? According to the story is say that when Doraemon has no more ears, his gf laugh at him and he feels very sad. So he look for a cheer-up potion to cheer himself up but sadly he drink up the sorrow potion and make him cry for few days until he turn BLUE. But seriously I think blue color looks more cute on DORAEMON! haha 

That is an old man figurine beside that I block it =P

By helping this ragged old man, one will be granted 3 wishes for themselves.

Because it is Doraemon 100 years annivesary, so there are 100 Doraemon figurine at the first part of the expo. Each figurine is with 1 secret gadget that you guys see from the drama!

This mechanical cat helps to attract customers. It's most suitable for deserted shop!

You can be a very good pitcher once you wear this cap.

Speaking or shouting after drinking it, your voice will turn into solid word characters. 

Since I went there on the boxing day, Christmas is not over yet! Christmas tree with Doraemon tiny plushie! haha

In case you all not notices, there is a screw turn behind ya.

Place it on your back and screw it hard, you can finish everything faster.

It produces very high voltage of thunder once you pull the string.

Put the letter in the post stand and it will get a reply back immediately.

Using this torch, the time passing will be seen.

When fitted on your hand and as an opinion, the angel will give you the most suitable answer.

It can stop any dangerous sea creatures!

It let you go pass anywhere you want such as train, aeroplane, you can even go into bank treasury!!

When the ink from this octopus is applied to a person, the person will be hated by everyone.

When it's set to obey you, it will be your best loyalty friend.

It can come up with a variety of gadgets just like the real Doraemon but all the gadgets is smaller as well.

Fix this on an object, no matter what, the machine could control and move it!

No matter what you wish you have, this gadget will fulfill it.

The opposite function of " Come Come Cat". Get rid of the people's present with continuous barking.

You will behave like a mole to mine the underground by wearing this glove.

Sorry I block the props again! haha Is a signboard ya.

No one can reach the destination when this road sign is set!

The new creature from 22nd century can transport the rider to any direction at a very high speed.

Keep duplicating the thing you want, you can get it when you put your hands inside the bag.

One drop of this potion will spread unhappy energy that makes everyone stay away from you.

Apply and rub it on a rock then rock will turn into a dog.

It helps to stop the time in order to avoid some dangerous moment.

It can copy anything that you hold up to it.

Left: It could make the incident happens sooner or later. But if let the unfortunate incident happens later; it's just a matter of expediency.

Right: You can use it to crop your shadow. Your shadow will replace you to finish finish you work. After 2 hours, your shadow will totally replace you.

This camera changes the clothes of the person that's photographed to the inserted design.

You are able to separate with water when you are inside the string and walk in the sea even you don't know how to swim.

Trying to open the 任意门!To any places that I want to go! hehe

When attached to any part of the body, it allows you to fly up in the air. 

Wear it on then you can produce light ray that attracts wild nearby wild animal nearby you.

When insert 10 yen into the hole at the back and say the person's name you want to get even with, it will make the person fall 3 times. To cancel it, you need to pay 100 yen.

The computer detects energy with organs, bite it and think, there would be 3 kinds of " Endurance power", which are "power of becoming a rat", and "power of jumping", and "power of pass through the wall".

It can enlarge everything.

It would transmit brainwave when putting the leaf on a person or animal, an illusion would be produced in the brain. It functions only when you are feeling the person or when animal is dangerous.

After wearing this glasses, you will find the floral and fauna that able to think and speak like human being.

To make someone disappear, you just need to speak out his/her name and press the button. There's no one in the world will remember the existence of that person except you.

Using this gadget in a room, it will create 3-Dimensional scenery for the person to enjoy the mood of travelling.

The raft is small when it is not being used, it would be enlarged when in emergency; it is for life saving.

Give out the candy and at the same time tell them what you want to publicize. That person who has eaten the candy will keep publicizing and people who listened will have strong determination to have the thing that you have publicized.

After eating it, you can understand different languages. It helps people to communicate easily.

No matter what bad thing you did, as long as you show the devil passport you can be forgiven immediately.

If you inhale this gas, even a very small incident you will feel it's very grand and important.

Cover it on someone's mouth who is very angry and say "its ok, never mind', that person will forget everything.

Pass through any surface as long as it is attached to the wall.

It will tell the things that you are thinking in your mind truthfully to the others.

This machine could reduce the speed of losing time. Will slow down the time depending on the door closing distance, if the gate is been closed down completely, the time will stopped.

Eat anything that is copied to the back of the bread, that person will be able to memorize and recite every word.

It will shrink objects and people to minuscle sizes.

After drinking it, everything that you say will turn into lie.

You can see the scenery from other houses' window by using this gadget.

The ray from the gadget will restore everything that has broken.

The light ray from this gadget will make all living creature's muscle stark like stone.

You will look like an ordinary stone by the roadside after wearing this cap; no one will notice your existence.

If you wear it on your mouth, anything that you tell, no matter true or not, everyone will believe it.

You could walks in the fairy tale by wearing these shoes and stand on the storybook, even in the changing storyline!

Apply the eaux de colognes on the doll, it would refresh your memories with it.

Time travelling can be made but not for space moving.

This is a wireless communication box. It two person holding the same box, they can communicate with each other.

Stamp on someone, the person will feel like it is doing it the first time.

It enables the wearer to withstand up to ten thousand meters of deep-water pressure and the body temperature will not change.

If you smell it, you will forget everything!

It will inflate to a large cushion immediately once you throw it away.

Left: With the ray from this gadget, one will be able to see the appearance of biological evolution of degradation.

Right: You will become invisible after wearing the cape.

It's to gather everyone who is sleeping, you can order them to do anything you want.

Left: Turn the dial to your favorite season and the are within 3 meter will be changed into the season choosen.

Right: It can fly up in the air to help you search for anything.

Place the transmitter on yourself and place the receiver on the person that you wish to order and the person would obey your order.

It's a smoke- type robot that will obey any order from whom that rubs the lamp.

Place the glasses in front of your eyes and you will see everything around you a 100 years into the future!!

Last photo and last pose with their 100 years of Future glasses with DORAEMON!

Every gadget is quite useful for us but is not real and we can only see it in Doraemon world. I think each useful gadgets has it used limit and consequence of using the gadgets. haha Each time Nobita kinda screwed up with every new gadget Doraemon give him. 

I want to say is, It is better not to touch the props there lar but guess I didn't listen xD I hope the info can help you guys to recall what each gadget function. I'm not sure where I can find the name for each gadget since the guide book just have their function wtf =

I think I stop posing when the last line of the figurine they have 2 each, then I started to ask darling try to take each of the figurine potratit only and I just choose which are cute to pose xD Because of my extraordinary of cosplaying 静香 there are many eyes look at me lar..haha. I can't actually say that my look is 100% looks like her, maybe just 80%? haha We got whole outfit just on Christmas day itself! I will tell you where I bought it on the upcoming post! haha 

Happy and tiring day though! Wait for more photos coming up =D

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