My last post about Doraemon Expo, is quite a fun and tiring day for us because I have take a lot of photo and so do my darling help me take a lot too! haha I think he should be the tired one xD Plus, my friend is here and I feel kinda paiseh when they are around. After the merchandise area, there is one small station of the game station. We didn't spend some time playing because I was quite tired and many people there as well. But the booth are nicely decorate and the prize is quite nice!

Let's the photo tell the story!! =D

Love Doraemon pillow? The cushion stuff is kinda in a very good quality de. hehe

Time Machine station.

You will have to use this fake Air gun to shoot burst the balloon with water.

Can Toss Game.

Even baseball station, don't think that this game is easy but is not. xD haha

Love this Big Doraemon plushiee!!

There are even this cute machine for you to grab one home!! haha

Star shape huh!?

Reach Doraemon Cafe.

Love this booth for photo time! hehe Love this photo with my 3 Bestie!

Me me!!

Now will be my photo time

Love all these photo! wahaha

Makes me look cuter! hehe

Top from Forever21
Skirt from Padini 
Socks from Uniqlo
Shoe from Jellybunny

Didn't forget to take photo with them also.

And my lovely big guy! hehe

Time for makan! haha

Let's see what we buy..hehe Actually we just wanted to buy some special snack from Doraemon world. I think is not important gua..maybe got some special pattern also can right..haha xD

The famous memory bread. RM6 for 2 pieces

Doraemon all time favorite Dorayaki. RM5 per piece

Guess what, although I am not a cappuccino lover but I super like the pattern LOL!!! RM5.90 More photo of me and my Doraemon snack xD

1 Doraemon Cappuccino?

Version my biiii comb my fringe and I turn out to like this! haha

Beside that, I buy myself a cold dorayaki with DURIAN flavor. Most of us prefer cold dorayaki than hot wan, hehe.

Hope I can remember.. 2x3 = 6..5x8 = 40..6x6 = 36 and 7x9 = 63! haha

When you are in the expo there are some Tv on the wall and they show the real life of Nobita and friend by Malaysia artist. Suneo by Jeff Chin

Gian by 林德荣

Nobita by 阿牛

Selca ing! hehe

You can even buy their combo set with Doraemon water bottle!

The Real Life of Nobita and friends by Malaysian Artist =D

After our snack time, there are more merchandise for us to shop!! Haha..but most of us just grab the plushie and take photo only with them. The soft toys of Doraemon are super cute lol!! Is up to to think if it is affordable la. Hehe

Bring them home now!!wahaha

When I saw this I just ran into it and hug it with me. Haha, super super cute right. Everyone of us can't stop hugging it and take photo.

My darling boy!!

And Chew Aun as well.

How about a star Doraemon plushie? 

There are a lot a lot of plushie here. And many merchandise such as, T shirt, magnet, tupperware, stationary and etc. All the merchandise is super cute ya!!

Cute hat with Doraemon funny emotion.

Lastly, I take of my hair and it become like this. My darling told me I am so pretty with hairstyle. Haha I super love this potrait shoot! Thanks to my darling so much. I really have fun in this expo and This expo is really a enjoyable wan because I really enjoy shooting and I love DORAEMON! Haha

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