Lunch @ Watami and Niko niko Onigiri

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Omg!! Gonna start another food post about japanese food again. Haha..this post will have a lots of yummy food photos so make sure you fill up your stomach before you start to read! Because all the food photos will surely make you hungry!!

I am a big fans of JAPANESE FOOD. When I am hanging out with my hang gai kaki we always craving japanese food. No matter sushi or ramen we always love japanese food! But we always stop by at Sukitte and there always line up with a lots of people so we have to choose other Japanese Restaurant lol. haha

But not to worry Pavilion does have many nice japanese restaurant to choose! We bump into Watami again. I always love their restaurant and food also. Because the food was nice and affordable as well!

Because there is 3 of us we are trying their hot pot for 3 of us. Actually it is perfect for 2 person but since we are not that eat a lot that type so is still enough for us!

Tuna and salmon sashimi!!

This Salmon is sooooooooooooooooooooo delicious lo! I love the pattern makes me want to eat again T_T

Avocado with Salmon!~ This is really can be vote 10/10!! It is so YUMMY! The thousand island with the mix of avocado and salmon is so PERFECT~~ This is the first time I really enjoy avocado that is so soft and taste so nice~

With my hang gai kaki, Pamela dear =D

The next place I am going to introduce is Niko Niko Onigiri! I heard this place just open at my house area but never been to try before. So we decided to head here for our dinner =D

I wonder how was the meal and order should be?

There is this super big menu on the left side when you step in ya.

Beside the menu there is one board with all those sticky notes with drawing and words.

There is a smaller version of the menu above the cashier.

Love this cute basin here!

The stairs drawing.

There is a small bar seat too.

Don't estimate the seats over here. There is this stair to the upper floor.

They are on newspaper too!

Upper floor design.

Quite big space too. 

Here are more choices of the set =D But you have to order first only they will take your order to your place.

Our 3 in 1 set, 3 different dish like salmon, cooked salmon and egg prawn. cost only RM 9.90 with potato salad and miso!! I like their potato salad also~~

Chee Seng choice, the fish egg is super CHEWY and Q~~~ OMG~~~ I will choose that again!!

Beside they sell only 饭团 but also other set meal like Unagi rice set and even Udon ya!

I even went to the same place the next day for LUNCH~ I bringing bigger gang from my church xD

My second day choice. Salmon no missed, scallop fringe and fish egg!! 

There is other rice meal set also!

Edit these Niko Niko with super cute eye emotion by meitu~ I super love to play stamp especially add to something cute like this! haha This is the 2 set you can choose different dish or flavor inside the Niko riceball. I still prefer the set I order xD

My 3 hang gai kaki~

Couple selfiessss

Another selfie~

Overall the food was so nice and worth to try !! I hope to try it next time. I am so happy that I can bring my friends and my loves one to this place. No regrets of trying and eating here. Hope that you can enjoy reading my post and remember to visit Niko Niko Onigiri at Setapak~



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