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Long time didn't post food post here, trying to write some food blog for this week. This place we went last year December. I felt in love with this place because of the interior design. That day we are going to watch a movie at Time Square. We decide to have lunch at there too but places to eat is been a question for us. haha But we just saw the name only and we decide to look for their restaurant and its turn out to be quite a nice place to eat.

Tokyo Kitchen, since the word is start with Tokyo I bet you guys know their specialty in hor!? Japanese food lol! Due to short of time, we actually didn't spend longer time here. But we did some meaningful stuff here also lar..want to know more what things that we did? Continue to read lol! haha

After our order we just order meal set and I saw this long Salmon sushi was really so special! haha Long Salmon wor...this my first time I saw this sushi. But we didn't order and decide to order it next time I'm here!

Another special is this Dinosaur Sushi that is Rm29.30 per pieces. I don't know how big is this sushi lar! But you can see from the photo, need to hold it with two hand some more. Not sure hows the taste lar, normal sushi? 

Here's are some other outlet of this Tokyo Kitchen =D

Super red hot menu cover.

Taking photo of their interior design while waiting for our food.

Is still in Christmas feel though, love the snow flakes design on their glass window.

When you see this like so cheap meh the set!? I think many people will attract with this.

Or perhaps Chinese new Year Tanglung here too.

Saw something interesting

The Japan famous make a wish wood plate.

So many Sakae here!

Romantic dim of light.

The set menu cover is full of pictures of SUSHISSSS!!!

Love the quote.

I love the Christmas decorations beside the path. Their path is with some stones and I personally think that is so nice and relax feel while walking inside xD

Ceiling design.

Ta-dang, our set meal of the day! Boyfie order tempura with fried chicken.

How about me? Ofcause SALMON lol! My all time favorite japanese food!

I love their japanese toufu also. yummy!

We just order another 2 sushi, one is with the octopus and roasted salmon!

Their sushi bar.

While we are having our late lunch, I saw some customer writing as well. I keep tell my darling that I wanted to write too! But we didn't find how to write just as we wanted to leave. I insist to ask someone who are working there how and where can we find the wooden plate to write? So is just below all there wishing plate! haha

When we are leaving, there are already many people eating here already xD

See I am so busy writing, the stationary are with those plate. 

I finish my wish for all~

This is the behind wood plate. in Chinese 幸运的木.

So do my darling ! We are putting our wish wooden plate beside to each other =D 


Due to the super dim light at Tokyo Kitchen, I can't really capture a very nice photo here. But that can't stop me from having couple selfie with my darling~~~ hehe

My simple white OOTD from 360Degree. Overall the food is satisfied and our stomach is quite with the meal set.

Details of Tokyo Kitchen.

Tokyo Kitchen @ Berjaya Times Square
04-109, 4th Floor, Berjaya Times Square,
No 1 Jalan Imbi, 55199 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2143 1088

Make sure you visit here to enjoy more of specialty of Japan food!



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