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ello peeps, having a Chinese New Year theme shoot again on this year. Last year we have this shooting as well but that time I am not so into blog haha. But now I will blog about it my CNY shoot this year. What do we need for a CNY shooting? A Cheongsam is a MUST! But Cheongsam is one of a hard cloths to find especially youngster nowadays didn't like to wear Cheongsam even my MUM lol!! So we did have some hard time to find a suitable Cheongsam for me to wear and shoot. We search on web but I always doubt their sizes so we didn't successfully bought it online xD So we have to do some homework such as going to shopping LOL!

This time we did not want the red theme again because last year we bought a red hot Cheongsam already. Like this picture shown below, haha. 

So this year we decided to go for pink or white color for this year CNY shooting. We went to Time Square after my work on Thursday. Oh ya, last year Cheongsam we bought it from there as well! hehe We went to the same place and look for different Cheongsam but eventually don't have any Cheongsam that we like. haha We didn't give up but continue look for it at Time Square. I can't say how lucky are we within just 20 minutes we manage to find a shop sells a LOTS of Cheongsam there! The price is super reasonable as well! We are quite thrilled and I try quite a few Cheongsam also and find one that I feel is very vintage soft and ladylike! Just RM59 only~~ hahaha

We did find handphone cases for ourself in buy 2 free 1 promotion! how lucky are we xD But just before the shooting day, I actually fall sick with slightly fever + flu + sore throat. I was wtf am I sick suddenly!? I didn't even like catch a cold or get into rain, my throat was just like normal without any sick sign then I suddenly get cold + flu in the middle of the night. I still go to work larr...with coffee some more then after I busy until 4pm. I suddenly feel body weak and fever already!! wtf

But thanks God, the next day except head a bit heavy fever is gone! But flu still got lol = = haha sore throat is better already! I told my darling can the shooting start at 10am ah. But he wanted to go Genting to shoot lol. So we use like 1 hour journey, We did reach there around 11am, the sun is a bit hot but because my darling using picture style to take photo. So the photo lighting turns out to be so PERFECT! haha

Because the weather is still quite cold and my body haven't start warm up yet. Wearing this sweater makes me looks so 贵妇xDD 

Another long body shoot from angle below.

This photo shoot with original picture style. The bogae of the photo was so nice! The leaves is so colorful and make my look more soft.

Love this shot as well! Bii keep ask me to be natural because he wish to take more of the natural feel. 

Such as like this lol!! My darling boy super love this wan and make his handphone wallpaper some more! 

Another nice feel photo with the super awesome 眼神, my blog new banner as well!! Love it o not!? Haha

After the cool version this is more to smile and soft version ya.

Or angry version? Hehe

We start to move up to stairs.

Love this too, the composition just naise!!

If I can put my hand more nicely..haha

Show my "long" leg xD

I actually have many of this kind of 眼神 in today shots! 

Cute eye look taken from a high angle.

Love this simple and nice shot!

How about some look up and chin up angle.

Smile =)

Babe loves the tree behind me and when I turn around this photo is just too fabulous! Haha

High fashion pose.

A close of me, I love my make up on that day! So much! Haha

How about some Chinese New Year props?

Love this!

Act cute lo~~~

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Oh lol!!

Sit in an old table set.

Playing with my braid. 

Thats all for my shooting for this year Chinese New Year shooting! Thanks my babe darling help to take all these nice photos. Love you so much!! I love all these photo, first time trying shoot with picture style and the outcome is so much better than original one! Haha But I hope can try more picture style or maybe different style of shooting? Hehe, what would you guys like to see which side of me!? Do drop a comment and let me know ya =D


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  1. Hi, which shop in times square did you get your cheong sam from yea? Thanks=D