Sorry for super late post because today already Chor 11 of CNY!! Hope can finish all my Chinese New Year post. I actually feel that blog is always the best way to write down what is happen to us on that particular day. Everyday is a memorable day when you are happily hanging around with friends, family and lover! So I think this is how my blog work out to be, a online diary for me =D But I did write some review about food and beauty product to boost up my readers for my blog also ya!

Back to the topic that I'm gonna write here, don't be surprise because even though I was like 21+ already but I think this place - National Science Center is applicable for everyone to visit. We did discuss where to go and Chew Aun just decide to come here! I been here since I am at Secondary school I think, not quite remember in what form. Today is a super hot weather, so I decided go for short pants and mint green color theme. We sit 1 car and it took about 20 minute to Science Center.

Selfie of the day #potd 

Ask a guard to help us take group photo before we went in.

And our group selfie with my camera 
 Love it!!

We spend some time discuss which part of the exhibition we want to go. We came to a conclusion that we actually went to all of the exhibition lol. That is RM28 per adult, RM20 per students.

Our 1001 inventions ticket.

What? Actually this is the House of Fear ticket and why does it look so childish?

After we back from the ticket booth, we saw this super cute blue bird!! 

My darling is the first to try!

Cute and nice shot from my camera xD

My turn, Why lar you don't want look to the camera?

Come on birdie birdie (ignore the mirror**)

Chew Aun

Cute Allecia!! 

And Micheelle dearie

After the bird, we will have to pass through a some sort of big aquarium with many big fishes. LOL

Sting fish!!??

And we start our journey at National Science Center!

I think this one is quite interesting, but I didn't understand the description at first. But my darling show it and try it and I saw the fun on it! haha

The video. You must hit hard and wait. If you keep hitting you can't actually saw what is happen. haha!


Rainbow gradient light.

Interesting air flow to attract direction for the ping pong ball.

This is one interesting experience too!

Picha time with Michelle~

This is suppose to sit with your dad or mum to adjust the light to see the similarities with our parents.

But me and Allecia try and was quite funny lar!

Me and the girls!!

We are in the mirror room that we can see many of us inside! haha

My darling bii just playing around with what so ever button or things that can press or move xD


Theory of light refelction.

Our big body of digestive system.

Big machine.

Big air fan above ya.

Selfie while waiting the others to finish.

In the room of mirrors~

OOTD pose

I am Anti - Gravity .

My distortion leg!

OMG!! Long body and short leg!

My twisted leg xD

My bii boy suddenly looks so short! haha

The human piano!

Mini crane

The 3rd exhibition on the second floor, Pameran Science of fear. Actually we are thinking YOLO( You Only Live Once) ma, so we decided to go for this. I say got my biii beside I okay want, Michelle also okay with it, But Allecia is a little bit scare lo. I still remember we were actually quite freak out and I wonder if any of the girls feel like want to cry lol! haha Because biii keep ask us to on our handphone light lol. 

But is actually super DARK inside and we also don't know what will actually come out to frighten us also!!! They even have this fear level for us to choose, but we just choose level 3 only. Thinking back make me laugh because it was so hilarious and scary hahaha!!

We bump into space part of the National Science Center. Cute group Photo =D

After this we went to the 1001 Inventions just opposite this exhibition, truly disappointing!! Feels like our money kena cheat because we buy RM12 for the ticket. Please don't ever go visit if you are not muslim. Because basically was all talking about Muslim and Islamic inventors only, wtf. Since we were all Christian I feel like what for we need to understand about Muslim inventors stuff wor..kena tipu x99999999999 

Me and Michelle Big Head photo 

#sharonootd outside the Science Center. After the kena tipu exhibition, we decided to went back and darling got stuff to do also lar. It was around 4:30pm we finish all the exhibition. We didn't have our proper lunch also so we decided to KFC at Aeon near our house area and STARBUCKs!!

Our Starbucks and My snowman tumbler! 

With Michelle dearie again!!

Lastly end my post with my own selfie!!

Have a super fun and tired day with them and night time busy practicing at church. I did manage to nap for 40 minutes before went to practice haha!

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