It's time for food post again!! A working Saturday for me last week, have to wake early and go work again lol. I always can't wait for weekend to arrive so that I can go pak thor date with my darling boy. Today workload is a bit many until I don't have extra time to clean my room. Keep postponed many things that I have to do and March is coming then I will have a lots a lots of stuff to do also @@ We have not really have a actual pak thor since last week darling brother is along. So today baby boy bring me to Bangsar to have a relaxing date and lunch there.

Suppose baby boy wanted to bring me to Bangsar South to find a restaurant to eat. But we reach there find that the place is still new in renovation. Not many good place for dining but just office building lol. So we take a u-turn and back to Bangsar Village. The parking here is always limited and we are late for lunch as the time is already 2:30pm. Lucky we still got a nice place of parking at Bangsar Village carpark when we just turn into the parking lot lol. haha

We didn't have lunch there but when to opposite shoplot with many cafe and dining place. I choose a quite less crowded place to dine. I pass by the nasi lemak stall that is so crowed wish to try that next time because Nasi Lemak is one of my favor dish yummy! The cafe we choose is very relaxing and comfortable ya.

Our couple selfie with my camera because the restaurant light is a bit dim. My darling boy have this funny pose! haha

Own selfie

We are at Foodtique by Fourseasons London. The design and environment all is not like the name of this restaurant is more onto Chinese food. When I saw the menu I straight away tell babe lets go in and order some dish and eat! haha

I was think why with the London word appear in a chinese restaurant. Their first branch was open at London, the meaning of fourseasons is actually the Chinatown of London.

Since their famous is the four seasons roasted duck, is not wrong to order some right? The lower part of the duck RM21.90. Looks super yummy, and the skin color roasted until just right~ Not sure what ingredient they roasted with the duck but overall is perfect!! Roasted duck is my love!

Ordering their Deep Fried Golden Home Cooked Tofu RM16.50. The size of the toufu is super cute and tiny! When you eat it, the 口感 is so special. With the small anchovy the dish is perfectly cook with their toufu. The tofu fried until crispy in outside and tender in the inside, is a very special cooking for a tofu dish. My baby boy wonder how the tofu shape can be in so perfect square.

Home made Mixed Vegetable w/ fermented red beancurd in Hot Pot RM18.50. I thought it will be more greenish but is more on brown vegetable. Got mushroom, ablone, black fungus, glass noodle and of cause some green broccoli too!

Our 3 dish of the lunch dish, super tasty and nice look

The new Iced coffee drink.

Iced Latte, Iced Mocha and Ice Green Latte. Not sure hows thr taste but I definitely like the small bottle design, so cute!

Behind us where the plates and bowls are there with a big Vase of Chinese style.

Their design is so fusion, China dim sum and A drink bar.

Outer part of the design.

Wall design.

Purposely saw purple and took the photo. I use the purple plate for my lunch also.

Cake and coffee counter.

Outside menu.

After the enjoyable lunch, we go to Telawi Square for a walk.

My #sharonootd

Pink ballerina T shirt from Doo Dolls
Black Checker Skirt from Foruchizu

Went to washroom and take own selfie with my handphone.

Overall dish was satisfactory. We eat until super full. What so good about Chinese restaurant is Chinese Restaurant tend have more variety of food. Such as: dim sum, roasted duck or chicken, fried noodle or rice, mixed dish with rice etc. We can order many nice dish share and eat together. We can share each other favor food to each other too. But I know food choice is not our concern problem because both me and darling boy having the same interest for food. We didn't argue about what food we don't like to eat. Baby boy is not a yim jim person about food as well. As you know Chinese have this say 吃是一种福气。( Is your fok hei to enjoy food in your life) So enjoy good food when you are still living. Don't forget to eat healthy and stay healthy too!!

I still hunting for good food at Bangsar. Hope can try Antipodean Cafe next time =)

39, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

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