Another short food post here introduce by our Dai Gor Justin after the concert. haha! I am thinking not to combine this food post with the previous post so this food post is separate write lol. Although is a short post of food but the food was super nice and jeng!! We are all happy with the food.

Paul Baloche after concert.

A small sign album event outside the hall. Quite pack with people surround him asking for signature and photo lol.

After the event went to this restaurant near the Glad Tidings church, SS2.

Was pack with many people and we got like 18 people here for dinner. But we manage to get 2 tables for dinner, I was super hungry that time. The concert end a bit late till 7:30+pm. We use quite some time to come here. We having dinner around 8:30pm lol. 

This restaurant appear in newspaper before yeah. The fish head really look tempting~~

菜香豆腐,Choi Po minced meat with Tofu RM12(small) RM24(big) Super naisee tofu they fried until outside is super crunchy and cripsy and inside is so soft~~~ Eat until very enjoy.

Fried Kangkung in hot pot. Is a very special dish because when it serve is not inside the hotpot lol. They pour out the vege in front of us and there the smoke and the smell of the vege spread out~~ When you tried it, the taste is super jeng and the fried zhu rou is inside the vege also ler, yummy!!

咖哩山猪肉 Curry Boar Meat is their today dish of the day. The curry is super tasty and the meat is so tender. The dish taste good with the curry too!

泰式炸鲜鱼 Thai Style Fried Fresh Fish (seasoned price) When this dish come, I was surprise because I never thought of wow how about frying this big fish lol?? The fish is quite huge size and every part of this fish is been fried until so perfectly and evenly. Do you know some parts of the fish can be fried until very nice? How about the thai sauce, PERFECT taste with the fried fish lololol!!! 

咸猪手 Salted Pork Trotter RM50 My first ever time eat such a big pork trotter lol!! The skin is thick and crunchy and the sauce wow, heavenly mixed lol! This unique and special dipping sauce which had a sour and peppery sauce. Dipping it with the meat is so tasty~

Overall the food is very tasty.


Environment is very good and friendly service.

Restoran Makanan Laut Wang Chiew 
30, Jalan SS2/103
47300 Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours : 11.30 am – 10.30pm

Tel: 03- 7722 36632

This restaurant is in the SS2 area that is opposite KDU college, across from the LDP highway. If you know where the SS2 Fire Station is, then this is not too far away.

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