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A short post about food post at PV128. Went to this restaurant on the 6th of March just last Thursday, hoho! I not sure about you guys but just near my area there is this 1 famous steak house selling deli and meats with affordable price and their steak is way too delicious!! This is my second having their steak here. The surprise of the food is always make me feels so exciting! haha This time I will try to introduce this special Deli & Meats restaurant TooWoomBa.

This little restaurant doesn't really stand out among the shops. When I first came here and came to realize, I was like What? This restaurant is a steak house wor!? Just like the same chinese quote, 人不可貌相  meaning you can judge something when you just see from the outside appearance. 

I introduce the nice food inside this Toowoomba first and the interior design will be later. xD

Fettuccine Carbonara RM12.90 Fettuccine Pasta with beef bacon and mushroom in creamy gravy. Actually we got 7 of us here for dinner. But we want to try different food here so we order different food and eat it together, haha! Back to this pasta is super super DELICIOUS!! Everyone of us say this is really nice lol! The gravy is super mild and creamy as you can see from the photo. They even put less amount of chili flakes and spice up the taste. While you eat the flavor of the creamy gravy is so rich and tasty together with the pasta! 

The second dish is Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood RM15.90  Sauteed Spaghetti , mixed seafood , sliced garlic in Olive Oil savored by Chili Flakes & Capsicum. This is our second dish of the day. Overall this spaghetti is quite good also but most of us still prefer the first dish lol. But this spaghetti Aglio Olio is always a bit spicy taste. So if you are more on spicy food, this dish will be suitable for you.

The prawn in the spaghetti, super juicy and fresh SEAFOOD!!

My Hot Chocolate RM6.90, I always be a good girl ordering hot drinks while my period is coming 

How about some snack, French Fries~~~~

Striploin Medium Well with Black Pepper Sauce RM28.90. At first we want to have the Grain Fed beef part, but at here not every meat you are able to order. I think if you really want to enjoy certain part of meat part is better you call and ask them to prepare =D The meat is perfectly grilled and cooked!

Mostly part we eat is the Short Loin part.

Our Adrian Ultimate ham is very concentrate in slicing the meat for us. 

The sliced meat, The color is so rich and meat was so thick also. Looks so tempting!

Second steak shall be the Tenderloin Medium Cooked with Brown Sauce. RM53.80 Grilled marinated Beef Tenderloin served with potato wedges & garden vegetable. This is very nice and very soft to eat lol. The first Striploin meat is a bit hard but this Tenderloin is super juicy and very Q to eat 

If you dip it with the sauce the sauce will blend it the meat super tasty!!

Search at Google and find this Picture info is super easy and yet understandable.  You can try it at home when you try to cook beef! 

The third steak will be the Lamp Chop with Black pepper sauce RM18.90 Grill marinated Lamb Shoulder served with mash potato  & garden salad. Lastly My Favorite dish also, because I love Lamp chop a lot. This Lamp Chop is super yummy, meat was super tender and soft. 

It was very easy to bite and the taste is super nice!! Must try next time again! No regrets~~

All of our dish, saw mine xD

Outside seats design with many cute animal figurines.

Glass Protected Kitchen and you can see how's the chef cook the steak!

Fridge where the meats store.

If you are looking for a reasonable price steak and a great place to enjoy with your buddies do drop by at Toowoomba Deli & Meats. I will come here again, Till then.

Toowoomba Deli & Meats

G-3A, PV128 
Jalan Genting Klang (Platinum Mondrian), 
53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

03-4131 9006

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