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Hi guys, another Beauty review I wanted write long time ago is about Miss Hana Beauty product. This beauty product once was quite famous among the online beauty product. Right now this product still quite appealing in any beauty websites also ya. I am using their eyeliner product because their eyeliner product is very famous. Their water proof is super effective and is review by many others blogger too. When I use and try it on my own the result was quite amazing! Was buying most of Miss Hana product at Kito Beauty! =D

This post is more on the trying of their lip gloss ya. I'm finding myself start to like using lip stick in my daily make up already. When I saw they are having the new lip gloss, I was keen to buy it home and try! But before putting lip stick or any lip product. We have to first scrub away our dirt around our lips that we cannot see. Because my lips was very dry and with crack lips and that make me very headache every time I wanted to put on lipstick. When you have dry or crack lips, the lip stick color will turns out to be very ugly and show out your dry lips. Thinking of it kinda disgusting also lol, so what to do!? I really hope that my lips doesn't dry up or crack lol, wanted to have a smooth and pretty lips.

This is trying to repair and gain my lips confident lolol!!

I bump to Melissa1010 blog again and saw that OMG! She is using Hanaka Chu Chu Lips Scrub. I start to think can using lips scrub really helps to regain our lips? I click on the link she post to Kito Beauty.

Hanaka 唇部去角质啾啾霜 Hanaka Chu Chu Lips Scrub RM39.90(market price) you now can get only at RM29.90 at Kito Beauty here!

I never thought of lips also need to use " scrub " meh!?? Turns out to be is a YES! 
Hanaka Chu Chu Lips Scrub contains:

Strawberry extract 
Scrub away the dirts and die skin around your lips
Regain your lips glossiness

Wild Mango oil
Highly moisturize your lips and soften your lips
Prevent from dryness

Sweet Almond oil
Repair lips from crack lips
Comforts lip sensitiveness 

Mint oil
Moisture your lips 
Regain lips softness and tenderness

Wheat Malt
Vitamin D for crack lips
Reduces lips wrinkles

This is how the lips scrub looks like. The organic is with super soft and small molecule. The fragrance of the lips scrub is super sweet smell with strawberry. Mad love with the smell lol~~ 

When you touch it with your finger is like this, very translucence color and small scrub molecule.

Just follow this 3 steps and you can have a smooth and soft lips.

The after scrub lips.

Next I will write about Miss Hana product buy from Kito Beauty.

First is the Sharpener. I first bought it because I do buy a pen eyeliner from Miss Hana too. Since they come with a sharpener also, why don't I just buy it? haha So this is how I get my sharpener. But at Kito Beauty you can have this sharpener as well! Here

Miss Hana Bonjour 蹦啾丰唇密 淘气亮橘 RM39.90  Get it at RM29.90 here at Kito Beauty! I purpose choose orange color because wanted to try orange lips color too! I hope to have a lips gloss also, when I saw this. This lips gloss has two way function to use, super convenient!

The design is so bling bling.

Show you guys the glossy and cool part. Give you a cool and infused lips.

Clear photo.

The other part is the lip gloss color. This lip gloss will give you a kiss- dreamed lips that you ever wanted.

Because is a lip gloss color, the orange color is not that obvious. But you can still see the orange color on my lips ya. Got that dreammmy feel or not!?

After the lips gloss color, I apply the cool and minty lips gloss. Surprisingly, the cooling part was way too cooling~ Super moisture and cooling after you apply the lips gloss.

Color 8/10
Moisture 8/10
Glossy 9/10
Cooling 9/10

Don't worry if you don't like orange but they are other 5 colors to choose ya!

I think the other color also very nice and sweet color. Although the color really didn't stand out so much but if for glossiness and dreamy feel this lip gloss actually stand out more. 

Next Product I bought is this Miss Hana 抗晕浓色眼线液笔 Miss Hana Smudge Proof Eyeliner RM39.90 and now you can buy it at only RM29.90 at here. I lost my Liquid eyeliner then I decide to look for a new one. I decide to try on Miss Hana brand to test out whether the water proof and smudge proof is really working out or not.

I have 2 other eyeliner bought since last time together with the sharpener. See my pencil eyeliner is getting shorter and shorter. Should I buy a new one or not!!?? Because I feel like I am super lazy to sharp and always dirty my sharpener have to wipe and clean it lol. Pencil eyeliner couldn't draw a very precise end eyeliner also. Liquid pen eyeliner is super super convenient, you can bring it whenever you go, don't have to sharp it and the line is so precise lol. See so much benefit hor = = But both is in a good and bad way lar, is up to you guys to decide. 

Trying out the purple eyeliner. The color is very striking and clear color. Purple is always my favorite and hope can really try it up one day~~

Swatches of the eyeliner. With super precision line using the ultra slim 0.1mm. You can simply draw a perfectly defined gorgeous eye in a few minute by using this eyeliner. Plus is a very quick drying eyeliner and grease proof too! Don't worry if you like to rub your eyes just like me lol. It even contains Vitamin B5 helps repair eye skin when you apply ya. Is a highly pigmented eye definer too~~


That's all for my Miss Hana and Hanaka product from Kito Beauty

What is Kito Beauty?

Kito Beauty is a websites selling make up and beauty product from Japan. Korean, Taiwan. They sell only products that is the top sales in Japan, Korean and Taiwan. They also sell 100% authentic brands too. 

What I like is?

The product they sell always is lower price among the market price. I was so happy because I can save up some money and can own a good quality and branded make up product for myself lol. 

If you guys are finding any make up or beauty product such as Miss Hana, Stylenanda you can click on Kito Beauty websites ya.



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