Blog about food up next. A lil bit about our appreciation lunch on the 1st of March at Jang Gun Korean and Japanese buffet @ Fahrenheit88. Since is a buffet style so we can actually choose and eat our favorite food there lol! But only just Korean and Japanese food lar. This lunch is organize by our church committee so everyone at our church is invited only by invitation. Is our first time having appreciation lunch outside church because last 2 years is we ask Sekinchan Catering to cook for us at church. But of cause we eat like 1 table got 10 people, like a wedding event. 

But this year plan was a little bit different and I think is quite fun though since we can sit and eat whatever we like in the lunch lol. haha! I bet some of us would think eating buffet style in a upper standard restaurant is very enjoying comparing at church. hmmm What I feel good is that we can sit with who ever we like and can lingering around fellowship with other church member also lor. haha I think appreciation lunch is mainly to gather every church member together appreciate each other good work and contribution to church. 

Although pass year was at dinner and this year make it on lunch and some may not be able to attend. But this year lunch also have a lot of people here also. I was quite enjoy because this year babe boy is joining also.  

Selfie with Michelle as she sit opposite me.

My messy hair.

We just sit beside these seats. In a very long table with both 2 gangs of cell group. The air here is quite hot and pack lo. Really don't know why, but the other side is cooling lol

Having my love one sitting beside me is the most happy things in the world.

Love his super cute look and smile.

Group photo of the table. My seat is empty lol. So obvious hor xD 

The sashimi slice, I find is quite nice. Babe boy say they put a lots of sashimi there. He grab his favorite Tuna sashimi.

All the fried and cook food is on this row.

Korean small dish and BBQ station is here.

The sushi and sashimi station.

Will it be tempting to you if you saw sooo many sashimi slice here? Hehe

All the fried food like fried tempura and sotong can be found here.

Love this four symbolic character and color.

Taking photo of the design of the seats and lighting. 

Jang Gun Korean and Japanese Buffet:
G1 27 01-04, Ground Floor, 
Fahrenheit 88, 179, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100

Phone: 03-2148 7333

Opening Hours: 
Mon.-Sun. 12:00-15:00 (Lunch)
Mon.-Sun. 18:00-22:30 (Dinner)

Saw this super huge mirror at Brands Outlet fitting room and thinking to have a own selfie.

Face selfie.

After brands outlet shopping, somehow just 4 of us shopping there. Babe and church friends went Pavilion hang out. We are the shopping kaki lol. After brands outlet, went to Pavilion next. I hear the Japan Beauty Week from Vivi Malaysia facebook and wanted to visit the event booth.

Babe went there first and called me straight away after he saw the event. We went to sephora before to Pavilion. But me and Pamela manage to join Asia Muse Girl Search 2014 just for fun ya. XD We are required to take 2 whole body shots and filled up the form. I think many girls has join the search so I guess I didn't have alot of luck in it. But just try my luck ya

We even play a small game. Game that required speed and respond lol. But I lost lol guess my respond was slow. Pamela get a magazine and although I lose I still got 1 small prize that is, Spectacles lol. Haha

Ask friend to help us out to take our matching outfit of the day. The outfit I first time try and is really looks nice on me and darling! When I wear this outfit and was asking darling to wear his COMRADE word tee to match with me. So this is our Couple Outfit of the day. I kinda love it because is my first time with army print and I look slim with the black crop top also. xD

Sponsor booth.

My #sharonootd at H&M big mirror. Is been a long since I went there also, haha!

With Pamela dear beside me. Sorry I tersensor the guy beside the mirror lol. haha!

Saw this Ice-Cream booth beside the pathway to Fahrenheit88.

Because we saw many people line up for the ice-cream and heard someone say the ice-cream they sell is very nice wor.

We are here to buy the ice-cream since no one is queuing.

And the guy keep kacau me and don't let me buy the ice-cream, I think he is trying to get attention from the crowd lol not from me == I just snatch the ice-cream from him lor, because he keep do trick don't let me take the ice-cream.

Our dinner place, is been a super FULL day for us. Because we keep eat non-stop and my stomach keep not feeling well lol. This restaurant got the special name KulCats Barrio , very interesting name and we never try before so we just head over here at TTDI to have our dinner here. The night weather  is super Hazy and Hot lol.

Outdoor decorations with vintage bicycle and tree pot.

The wall design is all with spray graphics on it. Is kinda like Malay style right? But is true because when we went in the restaurant we are the only Chinese being there lol. Baby a bit feeling abit uneasy there since they are all Malay and Other religions also lar.

Their pastry is the BEST!! 

The environment here is a bit dim and soft light.

One of the design corner.

The sofa seats. At first we thought the place was reserved but they ask us to sit.

A simple selfie.

Kulcats Bittersweet rm10 Their specialty drink with some lemon, lemon grass,sour plum,lychee with ice-cream soda.

OMG, Lychee RM10 Lychee, Milk and sugar Syrup.

Our Bacon and Mushroom Burger RM18 share with my darling boy. Homemade beef patty, Sauteed Beef and mushroom, sliced cheese, Jalapeno Mayo, Lettuce, and Lettuce, tomato, Onion and served with fries. Because scare the burger too full for me so we share together. The beef in the burger is super juicy and big to eat. The mushroom is super fresh with the sauce. The Jalapeno Mayo is super appetite and very delicious!

Seafood Potato Pie RM18 Joanna dish. Super cheesy and tasty with the cheesy sauce. Prawn, squid, mussels, dory cooked in Tomato Cream base, layered with Mashed Potato & Mozarella cheese served with salad on the side.

Sloppy Cats Burger RM20 with olive and beef. Home Made Patty Beef, Chili Corn Sauce, Pickled Jalapeno, sliced cheese, Jalapeno Mayo, Lettuce, tomato, Onion and served with fries. Chee Seng order burger. They say the burger is the best here at Kulcats. Chee Seng say that the burger is a bit indian style dal taste.

BBQ Chicken Burger RM17. Justin's burger. Breaded boneless Chicken leg, BBQ sauce, sliced cheese, Lettuce, tomato, Onion and served with fries.The BBQ Chicken is very cripsy to eat and the sauce is very nice.

Our 3 burger is on the table. Looks yummy right, indeed they are =D

We even 1 Pizza also and it is very delicious lol! Hot Pepperoni Pizza RM22 Thin Crust, Pomodora Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Pickled Jalapeno, Chili Flakes. The crust is cook until alright and very crunchy to eat. The sauce and pepperoni mixed perfectly and the taste is very appetite!

Me and the yummy pizza!

The Kulcats Barrio famous dessert. Is still warm, and when you eat until inside the chocolate will just melt out and OMG was so tempting and delicious lol! Besides their burger, their DESSERT is the BEST also!!

The cashier and the bar counter.

Another cool graphics on the wall.

Having a enjoyable Saturday with my church friends. Although we are quite tired but we are really enjoy the fellowship together. Eat until very very full and enjoyable because the food is AWESOME and so do the environment! Haha~ It is some place we wouldn't has known too. Thanks so much to my lovely friends and Anakainos.

Kulcats Barrio TTDI

35, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7733-3420

Generally open 11am-11pm

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